Photo gallery with powerpoint

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Use PowerPoint to store your digital photos and send them to friends and family.

A photo gallery by real artists

As you know, the Internet makes it simple fun and sharing files and documenti.Per example, you might want to send to family and friends photos of a new arrival in the family or how to create effective presentations, and easily share slidesshots photo of the last Christmas trip. Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to create a gallery your digital images to be sent to who you want, even if the recipients do not possess this program. In these pages we will see how to create the presentation, add your photos and save the result in a format viewable on any PC.

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When you open Microsoft PowerPoint , make visible the ” Task Pane ” : just use the key combination CTRL + F1. Then click on the New item within the File menu. Later, in the ” Task Pane ” , click on ” Publication empty ” at the New section . Next, always within the ” Task Pane ” choose with a click the template you want to use for your photo gallery. This will be applied instantly to your first slide , which will be ready to be filled with contenuti.Per save space , at this point you can close the ” Task Pane ” .
With the first slide open the screen , go to View / Display normale.A this point you are ready to ins ert into your slide a photo: Picture position yourself on the item in the Insert menu and the submenu that appears , click on ” from File .” This opens the dialog ” Insert Image” with which you will be able to search for the file (even on a CD- ROM , for example). Once found, select it and click on “Insert” .
After entering the picture on the slide , we see how the sistemarne dimensioni.Per resize the image, make sure it is selected ( its perimeter must be defined by small circles of white , as shown in the picture) and then , position the mouse pointer over one of the four hoops on many corners. When the pointer turns into a double arrow , press the left mouse button and , keeping it pressed , move in the direction best suited to vary the size according to your needs.

If you want to move the image within the slide , make sure first of all that is selected. Afterwards , place the mouse pointer on the inside. When the pointer turns to four arrows arranged in a cross, move the image to the desired position . You can enter more images in the slide, as described by repeating from step 2 . If you want to add another slide to your presentation , click on the ” New Slide ” in the Insert menu. The new slide will be appended to the existing ones in the vertical pane on the left : in this

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way it will be ready to be edited . Do not forget to save your work regularly ( in File / Save).
After you have finished entering slides and photos, you can view a draft of the outcome with a click on the ” Slide Sorter ” in the View menu : PowerPoint will display all the slides in order. If you want to change the order of appearance, you just need to move the slides (just select them and drag them with the mouse.) Well, now you are ready to see what it looks like actually the photo gallery. To do this, click on the item presentation , within the usual View menu. In this way, all the slides of your work will be shown in full screen. Pressing any key on the keyboard to move to the next slide or press ESC to end the show.

After you have created and saved your PowerPoint presentation , you are ready to convert it so that it is viewable with any PC , even with those who have not installed the program. Choose the ” Package for CD ” in the File menu. If this feature becomes unavailable , a message prompts you to insert the CD-ROM of Microsoft Office to install the necessary components . Otherwise, you will see the dialog box “Package for CD “, as shown in the image .

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The current dialog box lets you create a folder with everything needed for the proper playback of the presentation. Although PowerPoint you propose to start burning on CD-ROM , we recommend that you first create a folder on your hard drive and then transfer it to CD -ROM at a later time (given a reading pane ” Burn your slideshow “). At this point, click the Options button to proceed. Make sure there is a check mark next to the item ” PowerPoint Viewer (to play presentations without PowerPoint) ” to make sure that your presentation can be viewed on Windows  even in the absence of PowerPoint. If necessary, in the entry for “Playback mode in the Viewer ” , select the mode to use to show the user your gallery.

Finally, if you love working in full security, type in the ” Password to open files for each ” keyword to allow access to the file just you name it. When ready, click on ” OK” to return to the previous screen . At this point click on the button ” Copy to Folder ” . Here, in addition to specifying the folder name in the appropriate field, PowerPoint prompts you to define where to save the folder that contains your presentation and all of the files necessary for its proper functioning . To do this , you use the Browse button , and then click “OK ” to start the copy process.

Exit the dialog “Package for CD” by clicking on the Close button , and close PowerPoint. Use ” Windows Explorer ” to locate the folder that contains your presentation is done, you can just double-click on the file ” Play.bat ” to start playback of your gallery.