What is phishing

Phishing in the computer field , it is absolutely illegal action which involves the theft of identity of the persons unfortunate .
This action is performed by sending e-mail , instant messages or false , which induce the subject to enter their personal data.

Usually , the person unaware of what tends to safely insert your personal data (such as name, credit card number or other data) , as the e- mail scams are disguised as if they belonged to the authorities that the person knows ( such as your bank , or your service provider ) .

Let’s see how it develops the phishing attack .

First, we have a user , which takes its name from phishers who send the person an e-mail unfortunate that , as we said before , it simulates a note of warning to the subject by one of the entities known to him . These e- mails are always drawn up by pretending to have occurred , in the case of the bank, a strong charge to the account of the subject, or, in the case of providers, a problem with his line .
Within this e-mail contains a special link , which is attested as a link that can bring back to normal the relationship between the bank and the subject, or between the provider and the subject. Obviously , clicking on that link , the subject will not be addressed to the bank site or the provider, but at another site , in a similar manner that emulates that of the two bodies , but that is placed on a server controlled by the phisher .
On this server , the phishers will attempt to achieve its purpose, which is to extract the personal information of the person using the victim an apology, as might be those of a confirmation or authentication.

Once the subject enters his personal data , they are stored by the server inevitably ended up in the hands of phishers .What is phishing
Once you have the data, the phishers use to make purchases and transactions charged to the person to whom the data were stolen .