Performance of the system

The performance of the system How much is “handsome” your PC?

Measure it with the Windows console

Windows contains a powerful set of tools that allows you to measure everything, from the “performance” (a generic term used to indicate the proper functioning general) to the transit speed of data from the processor to all sources (disks, network and peripheral ). Let’s try together to measure a simple element: the number of printed pages from a given printer.
Open the Performance Console from the Start Menu / Control Panel. If you are using Category View choose Performance and Maintenance / Administrative Tools; if you are using the Classic View, double-click directly on the icon of the latter item. Open the “Performance”.

The console has two components: “System Monitor” and “Performance Logs and Alerts.” The monitor provides graphical views on the current state of the system; Alerts and Logs are used to record data to a file for later analysis. The simple observation of the performance of the three counters shown by default (memory, disk, and processor) give you an idea of ​​the level of commitment of the resources of the computer.logo windows7
If the values ​​are high, meaning that the PC is working too much and would benefit from a restorative care: from a good cleaning of the disc, up to an addition of memory or replace the CPU. Try to check the progress as you work with different applications. The default sample duration is one second. If you are interested in measuring a specific data, you can add a new counter to the console. Click the icon in the shape of “+” or simultaneously press the CTRL + I. Start by determining if you want to check the status of your computer (local) or a networked computer (remote).
If we want to know, from now on, how many pages are printed with one of our printers. From the drop-down menu “Performance object” select “Print Queue”. In the “Instances” appear in the installed printers. Pick one. List of counters, select “Total pages printed.” If you wish, read the description by clicking on the appropriate button, otherwise click on “Add” and then “Close”.
In the main window you will see a new counter. Let us click with the right mouse button and choose “Properties”. From this window you can customize the look of the counter, changing the color, line style and scale, which in our example is well lead to “1”, since the printed pages are counted in units finished. According to the standard view, the counters are shown in graphical form (lines or histograms). Some counters, however, as what we are creating, interpreting better if they are in text format. Press CTRL + R or click on the “View Report”. You immediately get an eye on the results.
If you close the Console, the new counter will be cleared and reset of course. To make it permanent, open the File / Save As and save the file “Perfmon.msc” overwriting the original or (better) give it a new name and save it on the desktop or in a different folder.

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