Optimize your computer System Mechanic

Optimize your computer System Mechanic

Using Windows and various software , surfing the Internet , installing new devices and uninstalling programs after they have been tested , it is results in a gradual and inevitable loss of efficiency of the system. Accumulate unused files, the file and RAM memory fragment , in the Windows Registry remain orphan keys and references obsolete. These are the reasons it is always thriving market software to optimize the system , improve performance and recover wasted resources ( for such as disk space ) .

A range of advanced tools but Simple to use, to improve performance and reliability of the system.

System Mechanic  is a product that integrates into a single interface the equivalent of many programs available free of charge in the circuit of freeware. The first task being performed by System Mechanic is to Defragment and repair the Windows Registry , the file retains all settings necessary for the operation hardware and software and is used by Windows as well tens of times per second while working with the computer .

System Mechanic Fix & Speed Up Your PC AutomaticallyThe program Iolo then removes the keys obsolete references to programs now uninstalled as well as in peripheral ( poorly) removed from the system . Similarly removes orphaned shortcuts , and identifies all programs and processes launched automatically at startup Windows , allowing to block those considered useless or even harmful to the system . The services running without your knowledge while using Windows and does not are really necessary for the operation PC , can be automatically deactivated by  12 , relieving the processor from unnecessary activities calculation and freeing up valuable memory RAM for more profitable purposes . The software automatically optimizes also connect to Internet depending on the type of connection adopted ( 56K modem , ADSL, optical fiber , LAN and etc.) : in this regard is well remember that , for precautionary reasons , Windows configures the parameters relating to the transfer data Network in a ” conservative ” , preferring maximum reliability in the expense of speed .

The suite can also perform defragment all disks drives connected to your PC , internal or external , to increase the speed of access to files and reduce the movement head to the desperate chase files ” scattered ” from operating system when writing on the magnetic disk. In addition to these functions optimization Overall, System Mechanic provides a rich set of tools maintenance , under the heading ActiveCare . Through these small Application is possible to repair the physical errors on the hard drives , delete history of use of the file and that of navigation , perform a backup copy of the registry Windows , correct settings that undermine the security of the system while browsing the Internet and and , finally, to defragment the RAM memory. a mention also for the form to the destruction full and final settlement of documents ( Incinerator ) , which provides overwriting the file multiple times that are stored in the Recycle Bin to make them unrecoverable . Use of the program is quite Simple, affordable, subsidized by the fact that now System Mechanic has been translated into Italian : the majority of the operations we have mentioned can be performed with two mouse clicks .

Automatically accelerate PC startup, internet speed, program operation and gaming performance.

If you are experienced , you can choose access to each module through the ” Power Tools ” in This way you can analyze the problems , study optimizations proposals by the software and decide whether apply or not. Unfortunately many functions can not be configured in detail and adapted to their needs, and must be taken as some are provided . System Mechanic 12is fast and reliable, and guarantees results clearly higher than those of small Free -specific programs , such as for example Ccleaner and FCleaner . Appreciable also support to several commonly used software : during maintenance operations and cleaning are also analyzed Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome often ignored ( especially the latter ) from other programs of optimizations that restrict their attention Internet Explorer and the Office suite …


The main panel of the program provides a comprehensive overview functions disponibili.Per simplicity, you can access the individual program modules via a side menu on the left

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