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A computer virus is a small program that attaches itself to files that are on your computer. It can infect the operating system, executable files, boot sectors or files that contain data created by programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. The goal of the virus is, in most cases, cause damage to your system.

There are viruses that seek to destroy data, viruses that require to format the computer and start from scratch, but also most harmless virus that simply show messages, images and even sounds. The type and extent of the damage varies from virus to virus. Some viruses are programmed for easy replication: the case of those who are sent by e-mail and that have made ​​headlines in recent times.
In this case, however, that most of the virus is called “worms” (or, more prosaically, of “worms”). An important feature of viruses is their ability to replicate: if your computer is infected, you yourself can become a vehicle of infection to other computers. In order to safeguard your system and that of the people you know, so it is a good policy to adopt an updated antivirus and make periodic checks of the file.



You will avoid to find you in trouble and always will keep your PC in good health.

The Best Antivirus is definitely the Norton program, to fight the virus more widespread nowadays. If you have not yet chosen a virus, you can connect to the Internet at to download a trial version of the latest release. This gives you time to evaluate the quality of the program and you can check your computer to make sure he did not “contract infections” through diskettes or downloading files from the Internet. In this short article we will see how to control your PC in search of malicious intruders.

We will also see how to fight them if they try to infect our files. Finally, we will perform the online update of Norton Antivirus to have the latest virus definitions and scan engine is set to the best of its capabilities. Launch Norton Antivirus : the control panel that appears, you must press the Scan button, while automatically appear on your right choices at your disposal. For greater security will perform a scan of all hard drives: just make a click on the item of the same name, and then press the Scan button. When Norton Antivirus detects a malicious intruder in the system: to know all the details about the virus simply click on the Info button viruses, otherwise you can proceed directly to the elimination of the virus itself.

When you have to “sanitize” a file, Norton Antivirus always offers two modes: Auto and Manual.

In Automatic mode the program will be to find the best way to eliminate the virus, while the Manual option you will decide whether groped to clean the virus, if you delete it or if quarantine. The recommended choice is obviously automatic, but if you are an experienced go ahead with the manual disinfection. Although Norton Antivirus  is one of the best products on the market, every so often incurs small shortcomings: in this case was not in fact able to clean the infected file that was previously detected. The choices at this point are two: let the virus in its place (definitely not recommended) or put the infected files in quarantine.

Quarantine is a special area of the hard disk to run Norton Antivirus Norton Antivirus which can only access the same: in this area are stored infected files that can not clean up, Norton è il migliore Antiviruswaiting for the Symantec engineers find a remedy to the problem. To put the infected file in this area, leave selected the “Quarantine infected files” and then press the Next button. Now that the offending file is quarantined try to better understand how to use this powerful feature and how best to manage the virus. We need to return to the control panel of Norton Antivirus and click the Reports button on the left side of the window; automatically to the right, there are three voices: that we are interested in is “View and manage quarantined items” on which you have to do a double-click.

This opens the main window of the quarantine station on the right side is a list of infected files, while at the top there is a series of useful buttons to quickly access the main functions of the quarantine. Since the infected file is in quarantine, it means that Norton Antivirus was unable to disinfect it. The best thing to do in this situation is to connect via the Internet at Symantec ( to download the latest updates available.

There is a good chance that after this operation will be able to successfully eliminate the virus. To update Norton Antivirus you have to click the LiveUpdate button located in the top right corner of the window of the quarantine. LiveUpdate will initially provide some information about its utility and its use and also offers detect automatically the way that connect to the update server. Before proceeding, however, you have to connect to the Internet with your provider, otherwise you will get an error message.

After establishing the connection to the Internet then click Next without changing any parameter in the LiveUpdate window. After about a minute of waiting LiveUpdate will indicate the amount of data to be transferred to update Norton Antivirus: In our case we will have to perform a download. After the download, Norton Antivirus will provide to date with the newly downloaded data: will be improved both the definition file is virus scanning engine to optimally protect your PC from dangerous intrusion of viruses. At the end of the update procedure is strongly recommended an additional complete scan of the hard disks in the system.


Then you can also groped to disinfect the quarantined files with a good chance of success of the operation. Symantec releases every two weeks or so updates for Norton Antivirus: checked frequently with LiveUpdate have come up with new, to be always 100% protected from the hazards of modern computing world.


Supported Operating Systems   : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Pro and all versions (32 bit and 64 bit)

Minimum Hardware Requirements   Microsoft Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8

512 MB of RAM

300 MB of available hard disk space


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