Multimedia Course of English


A multimedia CD strict as a teacher mother tongue, for the profit wipe with “tremendous” English lessons.

 Multimedia Course of English

In order to speak English well, you must learn and master The educational software dedicated to children are always colorful , vibrant and full of sympathetic activity , in accordance with the formula ” you learn by playing .” aged 9 to 11 years contradicts this rule by proposing a training intense , rigorous and comprehensive that does not allow many recreational licenses for small repeating that need to improve their English language skills .

Let’s talk about “improving ” because the series of lectures requires a course of study at school, then it is better to dispel any doubt : a course “for kids ” is not necessarily for beginners, but is an instrument designed to flank the school lessons and tasks at home. As a true teacher, the virtual tutor of vitamins plays dictated Inglese , asks questions , presents a series of exercises that , if done with perseverance and determination can certainly lead to a positive result.


The most important aspect of vitamins Inglese is the workbook : vast , rich and precise , aims to prepare children in a systematic way in the construction of correct English sentences (for example, interrogative , negative, verb conjugation , language comprehension ) and in the knowledge of vocaboli.Una window called ” IntelliPlan ” provides a schematic summary chart of exercises available and those already carried out, with a lot of results. A small icon , however, indicates the type of interaction required from time to time : listening, writing Multimedia Course of Englishand speech recognition.

Listening is exercised on the basis of perfect pronunciation of the tutor said that words , phrases, letters that enhance the understanding of British English , written exercises , a po’monotoni but needed to learn the correct spelling of words, are simple cards to be completed and corrected with the help of the program , and finally, to close the circle of the lessons , speech recognition , which is aimed at obtaining a correct English pronunciation .

It is this last element of the weakest point of the program.

The speech recognition engine is not very precise and reaction time of the software are very low. Since the course runs directly from CD -ROM ( software does not require installation ) even the speech recognition engine operates from optical media , notoriously slower hard disk as a data transfer.

The correction system of the exercises, linked to the reported results in the IntelliPlan , try not to ” frustrate ” the student , giving him the opportunity to do the course despite not having correctly solved all the proposed tests . Vitamins may prove useful not only for review at home but also for laboratory exercises in school , but unfortunately the graphic does not use IntelliPlan by multiple users simultaneously , limiting itself to keep track of the exercises conducted by one person at a time. The series also includes vitamins a course for older students ( aged 11 to 14 years) and a vocabulary interattivo.Nella packaging is also included the obligatory headphone with microphone in order to set me right from the start to “talk ” with the program.

Many of the exercises require you to complete sentences using either the microphone or by typing the correct spelling of words. The virtual tutor in the upper left corner in turn explains how to perform the exercises

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