MP3 players – Archos AV500 100 GB Multimedia Player and DVR

MP3 players have been forgotten , within a few years , portable players CD and the prehistoric cassette recorders , walkman type . In recent months , however , appeared media players on the market that allow not only to listen to music, but to enjoy at any time videos and movies . The available models are gradually improved with time , and the houses that for some

Archos AV500 100 GB Multimedia Player and DVR
Mp3 players av500

100 GB portable multimedia player with 4-inch LCD
Plays and stores up to 400 hours of video, 250 movies, 55,000 songs or 1,000,000 photos
Compatible with MP3, WMA, WAV, protected WM

time had been active in this field have made new products lighter than above and with a resolution highest . To watch really a video or a movie, or on the bus while we are waiting for the train , the screen must have a diagonal of 3.5 inches. Under this measure the video can serve only to enjoy preview.
Regarding capacity, however, these products ranging from a minimum of 20 Gb up to 100 GB , it seems a capacity more than sufficient to ensure hours and hours of fun of high quality. Some portable media players are able to accommodate the Memory Card for saving data . Others may be connected , via the USB port directly the camera to transfer Photos in OTG mode ( On The Go , or no connection to the personal computer). a VCR superaccessoriato The media player Archos AV 500 is the updated version the old AV 400 .
the new model is equipped with a monitor LCD 4 ” with 30 GB of memory (100 Gb version more large ) .
It is a device capable of recording high quality videos and play them back , even when there is a TV or a projector which connect . There is a door USB 2.0 ports for connecting devices such as digital cameras and units external hard disk , and a second port USB to transfer data to and from the computer. A socket allows multiple connection connect not just  headphones, but any other device which supports a connection audio / video (A / V ) and especially what the manufacturers call ” Docking TV ” : it is an interface that should be placed between the TV and the usual source , as for example a VCR, a cable box for the cable TV as that of Fastweb or a satellite receiver.

The movies are converted to MPEG-4 format . The device, when connected to the PC, it is identified as a disk drive external : it is therefore possible store files without passing through dedicated software, but simply dragging them to the more appropriate folder , or creating where appropriate subfolders . You can then transfer AV 500 DivX files downloaded from the Internet , usually without run into problems compatibility .
In addition to the movies is You can also manage photographs, importing directly from a external source or from a PC . In addition, the AV 500 is an excellent MP3 player . The price is appropriate , when compared to the large number of functions available. The independence declared by the producer is 5 hours of Video playback on the display LCD , a value slightly higher than that found during testing, or 15 hours for music ; the battery is lithium ion battery.

The new generation of portable media players has a color display and allows you to watch movies and foto.Sono already available models with functions very different in a position to meet every need.

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