Mozilla Firefox

Are you tired of Internet Explorer , its vulnerability and its limits ?
Want to try something completely different, without spending a euro ? Well : it’s time to switch to Mozilla Firefox, without a doubt one of the best open source browser for surfing the Internet . In these pages we clarify some doubts that maybe, until now , have curbed our curiosity. Those who try Mozila Firefox rarely disappointed .
Things Firefox?
Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser designed for Windows , OS X and Linux , with a mobile version for Android
What are the minimum system requirements for installing Firefox? logo firefox
Windows operating systems

  • Versions of Windows 32 – and 64 -bit
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8


  • Mac OS X 10.6 onwards


  • Linux Operating Systems
  • GTK + 2:18 or higher
  • GLib 2:22 or higher
  • Pango 1:14 or higher
  • X.Org 1.7 or higher
  • libstdc + + 4.3 or higher

For optimal functionality , we recommend the following libraries or packages :

  • NetworkManager
  • DBus
  • HAL
  • GNOME 2.16 or higher

Where to Download and how you install Firefox?
Open the page and download the installation file ( “Firefox Setup” ) : it is about 5 Mb . Let us then double- click on it and follow the wizard: you must accept the terms of the license agreement , choose between standard or custom installation (we recommend the first ) . At the end of the setup procedure , you avvieràautomaticamente the program , ready to surf the Net
Downloading and installing Firefox operations are very simple , fully automated
Note that when you download a file from the web, Firefox offers to save on disk, but does not tell me which folder .
Where do the documents?
Mozilla Firefox provides a tool for managing downloads from the Net, which is automatically activated when you sort of change a file. It opens a window asking whether to open (and possibly with what application ) or save it. In the latter case , indeed , there is the possibility to specify the destination folder . To customize this setting, you must go to Tools / Options / Downloads and change the parameters in the ” Download folder ” .
You will have the possibility to choose, from time to time , the destination folder for the downloaded file by placing a checkmark next to ” Ask where to save each file .”

Free Firefox extension to translate
How do I customize the toolbar ?
People used to use the icons in the toolbar rather than menus and keystrokes , it has the ability to customize this section of Firefox in a very simple and effective. Just click with the right button at any point within the same , and in the menu that appears, choose the Customize item . At this point you just have to select the items you want and drag them to the toolbar : will be added automatically.
What is meant by ” tabbed browsing ” ?
Tabbed browsing allows you to load multiple web pages within the same browser window , making it easy to move between the different pages . To open a new tab , select the File / New Tab or press the key combination Ctrl + T. To open a link in a new tab , click the right button on the link and , in the context menu that appears, select the “Open in new tab ” or, more simply , click with the middle mouse button (or in some models , on the wheel ) .
Tabbed browsing allows you to open multiple web pages at the same time

The automatic bookmarks Mozilla
Can I transfer bookmarks from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox?
Once you decide to abandon Microsoft’s browser to switch to Firefox , you should retrieve a list of your favorite websites , so-called bookmarks. To do this, simply open Firefox and go to File / Import. You start as an automatic procedure that allows you to automatically import the settings of Internet Explorer bookmarks ( the Favorites ) , history, cookies , screen-bookmarkssettings and other personalized information. Through this window, you can easily update the Toolbar of Firefox. Just select the new icons and drag them with the mouse
The process of “migration” from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox is completely automatic and painless …
How do you set your home page in Firefox ?
Go to Tools / Options. In the window that opens, you are already placed on the board right , ie “General” . Concentrate here on the first section : ” Home .” Thanks to the three buttons you can set the home page blank ( white page ), choose a page from your bookmarks or use the current page, or open in the browser at that time.
Alternatively, you can manually enter a Web address, as shown in the figure. Click ” OK ” to confirm.