Microsoft Virtual Desktop Manager

Microsoft Virtual Desktop Manager is a free program that allows you to manage multiple ” desktops ” at the same time .

irtual Desktop Manager

Windows Help Server  matter how big your monitor: the need to have a video as much space as possible is common to all. In particular, for those who use two or more applications at the same time , the switch from one window to another via the taskbar , in the long run , it can become annoying.


Before you spend a lot of Euros to buy a large monitor , try to look at this step by step : you will learn how you can solve the problems of space on the monitor , with the virtual desktop program made ​​available by Microsoft

Download the evaluation version of Windows Server 2012 R2. Before download , we recommend a thorough letura Virtual Desktop Infrastructure through the manufacturer’s website

Microsoft Virtual Desktop Manager (whose acronym is MSVDM ) is one of the so-called “power toy” Before you download the Microsoft Virtual Desktop Manager, it is recommended that a control requirements under the funding requirements.

Processor Minimum: Processor 1, 4 GHz 64 -bit
RAM Minimum: 512 MB
Disk Space Minimum: 32 GB
Gigabit ( 10/100/1000baseT ) Ethernet Adapter
DVD (if you want to install the OS from a DVD )
Keyboard and Microsoft ® mouse (or other compatible pointing device )
Internet access (surcharge)

If you meet the minimum requirements we recommend :

Disconnect the UPS devices
Back up the server.
Disable antivirus software
Provide mass storage driver

Yes remember that all trial versions are fully functional during the evaluation period of 180 days after the following warning is displayed on the desktop : Windows License has expired


On the right you will find a list of downloadable files . Click it with the right mouse button , then save the setup file on your computer. If you are using a previous version of free virtual desktop programWindows7 , read the relevant box on the next page . Once you have downloaded the program, you can easily install it by clicking on it twice over . After the installation, click with the right mouse button on an empty part of your desktop and launch Desktop Manager. At this point , you will notice four new icons next to the clock representing the four virtual desktops where you can place . To more easily recognize each desktop , you can use each one for a different background image. To do so , double-click a program icon on the toolbar , and select ” Configure Desktop ” . Repeat for all four desktops . On the other menu that appears in this window, named ” Shortcut Keys” , you can associate the function keys on each desktop , to recall it more easily. You can use those proposed automatically by the program , or create new ones. Now try to open a number of applications.

You may notice that these are visible in all desktops. To avoid this problem , you must set the mode to “Shared Deskdop ” click with the right mouse button on the toolbar , and select the ” Shared Deskdop .” From this moment on, the applications will be visible only from the desktop where they started. When you navigate from one desktop to another in preview mode , you can see how it is used an animated effect that can slow the computer is not too recent . To avoid this , click with the right button on the icon of MSVDM , and remove the check mark is next to “Use Activities ” (Use animations ) . You will have realized how busy called party on the toolbar of the virtual desktop is quite wide : this is annoying .

You can remove the description for each desktop , to increase free space by clicking the right button on the toolbar and removing the checkmark from the item : “Show Title” ( Title Show ) . If this is not enough and you become experts in moving from one desktop to another using the function keys , you can also remove the checkmark from ” Show Quick Switch Button” ( See the key exchange fast). If you have not locked the bar of the program with the appropriate option , you can drag it to the top of the screen . After moving the bar of the software in the position that is most comfortable , you should lock it to prevent accidental movement . If you do not want the bar to be covered by other windows, select the ” Always on Top” ( Always on top ) from the menu that appears when you press the right button on the toolbar . If you want this to disappear when not in use , you must instead choose ” Auto- Hide” ( Auto Hide ) .


If you are using a version of Windows prior to Windows Vista, you need another software than Microsoft Virtual Desktop Manager. VirtuaWin , in fact , it is compatible with all older versions of Windows, and has most of the options of the program that we have seen in these pages. VirtuaWin allows you to manage up to nine different desktop with its applications . You can password protect your desktop and create links between them.

If you have not just Windows XP but you’re still curious to look at the program , jump on VirtuaWin the program allows you to manage a virtual desktop for the Windows operating system ( Win9x/ME / NT/Win2K/XP/Win2003/Vista/Win7 )

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