Microsoft Office Word Macro

How to create and manage macros within Word and Microsoft Office programs .

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How to create and manage macrosOne really useful tool available in the suites such as Office , often overlooked and ignored , are the “Macros” that allow you to automate and speed frequent transactions , complex or repetitive tasks. In these pages we will see how to create macros the latest version of Office, but these recommendations apply also for previous versions : XP , 2003 and 2007 .

The Macros are also available in , with a management mechanism virtually identical .

Let’s see how you create macros in Word , but the same also applies to other Office applications . the recording a macro starts by choosing from the menu Instruments , voice Macro, and then ” Record New Macro .” Panel appears for the management of macro. Place a remember that name as a result of what you need. in our If we simply want to make all the text homogeneous , with a certain font and font size , which is useful for example, when you copy and paste text from various applications or Internet .

The call then ” Testotuttouguale ” Now we need to simulate all the commands you want the macro perform . Note that the cursor is flanked by a species of audiocassette , while registrate.Potete type text or insert function . Whether a transition should not be registered , just click the “pause ” in the small panel of macro recording , and then release it to resume recording.

Microsoft Office Word Macro

"Macro" is an abbreviation of the wordAt the end of the operations to be stored , click with the square button , to save the macro . In our case We recorded the selection of all the text ( “Edit” menu and “Select All” ) and chose the font Arial 10 font with the function the Format menu. Now that the macro is recorded , you can use it again when volete.Per run it on any other text should be choose Tools / Macro, or you can invoke with the ALT + F8. Here you can select the desired macro and you click “Run”. In our case, all the text is highlighted and made consistent with the font Arial 10 , as expected.

Macros are stored in a real language programming, or Microsoft Visual Basic. it means to modify the macro, or make them more comprehensive and complex, it is necessary to learn this language (rather difficult) that appears by clicking on “Edit” in the management panel macros. So if you want to edit a macro, much easier to delete (with “Delete”) and then repeat the recording.

The same operation for recording macros views ord can also be used in Writer. enough follow the same identical path of Microsoft, that is to say: Tools / Macro / Record Macro.