Media Players portable Ipod

The reader that stores photos The reader is ideal for MSI want to do without a computer laptop not only for watching audio and video files , but also for archiving digital photos just taken. What distinguishes This portable player features a screen 3.5-inch LCD and a 20 GB hard drive , it is in fact housing for cards SD / MCC and the cable for connection Direct to peripherals USB 2.0 included in the package. MEGA VIEW 588 There is also a feature that allows for the recording of store up to 80 hours of video MPEG4 format and supports following video formats: WMV, MPEG4 , DivX and audio formats MP3 and WMA. During the phase of loading video formats not Supported are converted in a compatible format. The device is also equipped with an inlet and an audio / video output for connection to the TV. a small joystick allows you to manage all playback functions by replacing traditional keys .

The MEGA VIEW 588 uses a battery Lithium-ion rechargeable and removable case of necessity . during the test screen colors results are not particularly brilliant and, as regards the resolution , this product is positioned in last place among the ones we tried . The grip is comfortable and, more Generally, we can say that the MEGA VIEW 588 is well designed. Overall performance are not at the highest levels, but the functionality offered and the rather low price make the multimedia player still interesting.

Media Players portable Evolution , not revolution 

Eventually Apple has decided to equip the iPod ‘s ability to play video .

But , true to its motto of ” Think different ” , he did it in its own way : in particular , maintaining ergonomic setting winner of the previous models (vertical orientation , ring clickable iPod touch, iPod nano o iPod shufflethumb to maneuver , top of the screen ) and studying at the same time offer video download from the iTunes Music Store, which now also sells clip music ( for the U.S. ) episodes of some popular television series.

Although the software has been contextually appropriate , for which the free iTunes, which already operated traffic and music picture to the reader , is now in also able to deal movies. iPod supports the MPEG4 video codec and the more modern H.264 , in different resolutions , for encode your video in the right format , are quickly flourished on Internet dozens of utilities. From the hardware point of view , the Fifth Generation iPod is available in versions 30 and 60 Gb, measure 104×62 mm with a thickness respectively 11 and 14 mm.


The colors are iPod classic white or black polished, brightened the screen Color is now 2.5 ” , with resolution of 320×240 pixels. In addition to video formats, can view photos and play music in AAC (including protected ) MP3, Audible, WAV , AIFF and Apple Lossless (the latter ensures CD quality requirements with Memory halved ) . The declared autonomy is about 14 hours of music listening for the smaller model, and as many as 20 per one 60Gb , using as video player , autonomy is reduced to about one-third. Apple provides iPod with its famous white headphones , excellent quality , and with the USB 2.0 cable to connect to the PC , but to let out the video from the small screen of the device must obtain the appropriate audio / video cable , with outlet composite , or better yet the “Dock ” (the docking station or the support sled for the reader) optional , which provides more S-Video output and a sensor for the new infrared remote control, the same as the new iMac .

Not only pixels
In the future media players Laptops are provided enormous progress .

The efforts of the manufacturers will result in a greater capacity of the device and a resolution higher . Within a couple of years , could even be available on the market media viewer glasses with incorporated , such as those used by Tom Cruise in the famous movie “Mission Impossible 2″ . In addition to technological improvements , the factors that could make a real difference between a model or the other in this sector are the extreme usability of contents and appealing aesthetics . When a technological product reaches a wide audience ( as was for mobile phones and MP3 players ) models that are all the rage are the easiest to use, favorite even those equipped with functions advanced .

Who is looking forward to see on the portable player episode of ” Desperate Housewives ” lost the night before he is happy to give up a capacious device and miniature size in exchange for ease of access to content. better yet if the episode of interest, can be found on-line and on the device riversabile in the shortest possible time .