Media center you do

Media center you do.
There’s only Microsoft in the market for ” media center .” Pinnacle , for example , it proposes three . In recent months there has been much talked about Microsoft Media Center , personal computers equipped from the outset with peripherals and software can realize functions of TV tuner , digital video recorder , jukebox and DVD player and photographs.

But, unless that Bill Gates does not change your mind, to get the special edition of Windows Media Center also for other platforms you have to buy a new PC , in fact Media Center movies on a single DVDonly works with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8: this operating system in fact is not sold separately from the hardware.

Microsoft hopes to be able to better control the process of certification of the various components of the computer , reducing the number of conflicts between cards , drivers, and so on. Fortunately there are those who have decided to propose alternative solutions, making it possible to transform your PC into a media center without having to repurchase everything. Pinnacle Systems has long specialized in audio video , proposes three solutions of this type. We tested the model PCTV Media Center, an external digital TV tuner module to be connected to the PC via USB port and therefore also suitable for use on laptops.
The package includes, besides the tuner itself ( a compact unit of about 10 x 8 x 3.5 cm) a complete infrared remote control ( with batteries in ) , USB cable and a disc with all the software . The hardware installation is limited to the connection to the tuner module antenna cable and the USB cable that connects to the computer and also takes steps to provide the necessary power . The front video input jacks were not supported by the version of the software provided. A click on the installer, and in about ten minutes to be loaded all the necessary software . The system requirements are not low : the device requires at least a  3.5 GHz ( or AMD Athlon 2800 + ), and the Windows operating system , including XP is fine for your needs , since the end of media rather than scrapping your computer you can find an alternative use .

For the avoidance of doubt, the installer performs hardware and software tests to ensure that your PC is able to cope with the workload due. At the end you restart your computer, and you will configure everything. In fact, the values ​​proposed by the program have been adjusted for normal use and the only phase a bit ‘ hard-working is the search of the channels ( automatic , but then you have to put his name and organize the preferred order ) . At this point you launch the application MediaCenter , and you find yourself in the main menu that lets you select the main functions (TV and video recording , playback, movies, music and photos) .
Everything is managed from remote around as with the application of Microsoft. The features that we expect from these programs are all there, from the ” pause ” the live TV to digital video recording , teletext electronic program list , the DVD playback functions of photo albums . A separate application instead allows the convenient management of its library of content , from music to movies, with the possibility of burning in various formats , and another provides access to the services of the Internet portal Tv
Overall, the Pinnacle is an interesting solution for those who want a media center without being forced to change