Mass Downloader download manager for Windows

In addition to GetRight and Go! Zilla there are many other programs that allow easier handling of downloads. Another excellent shareware program to manage the discharge of the file is Mass Downloader ( ). What distinguishes this program from others is the intensive use of the bandwidth that is available to it. The typical work of a program of this kind, in fact, consists of a few simple steps: read the address of the download, contact the server that hosts it, begin to download the data one after the other without interruption. Mass Downloader , however, proposes an approach similar to that followed by GetRight : exploiting the possibilities of the server to satisfy a large number of requests at the same time, the program splits the download file into smaller pieces and starts all requests for server at the same time.

In this way Mass Downloader tries to make the most of the available bandwidth between your PC and the remote server and to minimize, as far as miracles are impossible, the download time. The software Metaproducts turns into an ” electronic agenda “for the user that needs to download large data from the web, MetaProductoffering advanced functionality planning to leave your computer at work using the maximum available bandwidth, even in our absence . A nice convenience today that the rates of type “Flat” is a reality in Italy! And it’s all possible with a few simple mouse clicks. This software is also the only one able to “look” inside a zipped document this on the Internet, and then download from that only the components actually desired by the user. Mass Downloader has the disadvantage of not being free: after a month you will need to register your copy by paying authors the non whopping $ 19.95 (about 16 euros).

Mass Downloader helps you download streaming video, audio can be downloaded at the site


How to Use Mass Downloader

Mass Downloader is a program that handles as well as possible the download of your files . It’s a real ‘agent’ that creates lists of files to download pianificandole over time. How to use, inevitably, is slightly more complex than Go! zilla , (which offers a more useful immediately), but it is definitely more flexible regarding the downloading of multiple files. The first thing to do is to create a “project” to download: just click ‘New’, enter the address of the file in question and you’ll be ready to go. If the automation procedures you have used well and you do not want to copy addresses manually, no problem: Mass Downloader knows this and will take care of the whole area to the Windows clipboard and clicks you perform within the browser to automate the procedures. You can also click on the link and drag it into the program window to create a new project ready for use.

The interesting thing about Mass Downloader is the process by which we organize transfers, in practice, once you find the file, and given its size, the software will split download into several parts, each of which will download a small piece of the file extremely efficiently. In other words, instead of transferring all the files from A to Z, the program launches more simultaneous downloads and then put everything together at the end of the operation, in a completely transparent to the user.

Mass Downloader supports a wide range Download : from usual and secured sites (HTTPS) Web servers, FTP servers, Real Media and Microsoft Media stream servers.

Using Mass Downloader, you can create a “shopping list” on the Internet, planning to download a large number of files including, where necessary, the precise time at which you want to begin the download.

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