Manage Documents online

Today, we report a tool through which you can manage your documents online.

The feature main platform ThinkFree Office Live Beta is in fact to locate in the fact that it combines the advanced features of the application Web practicality of documentthe software desktop classics.

In 2008, in fact the old version of the service was born three years ago has been redesigned and improved, including the ‘ mobile access and the important synchronization functionality that previously it was a unique feature of the ‘premium edition , available only for a fee, but it is now become completely free of charge . To navigate in the browser , the service uses a mix of technologies Java applets and Ajax. Using the software connection Power tool , which replaces and enhances the previous component ThinkFree Manager.

The interface and features of ThinkFree Online, Java-based, more similar to the look and feel of desktop products that Sun Office, allow you to work on files in thebrowser so almost complete, although rather slowly, especially in the case connection is very fast. The files stored online are displayed in a separate window using the integrated viewer owner of ThinkFree A-paper, based on Flash, which allows you to see up to twenty isualizzare file types, including those of MSOffice, OpenDocument and PDF. For the ‘ editing instead is loaded software hosted own Java-based ThinkFree Office 3. Moreover, thanks to the Power Tool software , files saved online can be synchronized at set intervals.