How to make a good Powerpoint presentation

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A PowerPoint presentation is not only what your audience sees.

powerpoint-ppt-ppsThere are various methods to make the information available to the presenter are larger than those visible to the other people in the room. In this step by step tutorial we will see how to do it. For starters, keep in mind that the space below the slide there is another space (which you can zoom in on, sliding the mouse with the divider bar) where you can write notes. Just click and type.


This information will appear on the screen every time that you will review the submission, and will be able to help you, for example, to remember what you have to say and try it. You can also use this space to write the entire text of your speech, if you do not speak off the cuff. If your computer allows you to manage multiple monitors at the same time, by going to the Slide Show menu and by clicking on “Presenter View” you can make sure that the output should be connected to the projector only the slide, while the monitor also shows your notes, allowing you to have them under my eyes even during the presentation.

Your notes can also be printed. Just in the Print window you pick “Notes Page” from the drop down menu “Print”. In this way you can have them eye even in the absence of a dedicated monitor the presenter.

How to make a good Powerpoint presentation

Another possibility to add information to the notes is to use the Track Changes feature to add comments. Go to the Review menu and click ” New Comment “to add a comment box to your slides.

Inside slide a window will appear yellow, like a post-it, where you can write anything you like. If you do click it, the window will be reduced to a yellow square, which can be moved with the mouse in a point where it does not bother you. In this way, the comments will not interfere with the actual text. In any case, clicking on the “Show comments”, you can get rid of all the comments from the slide, or make them reappear with another click.

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