How to Locate A Cell Phone

Some Considerations and Requirements.

All That You’ll read in this article is based on Personal Experience, E Verified On My Nokia N96.
I will try To Be The Lighter And Synthetic Possible, Even If The topic, Deserves To Be Deepened Most.

Let’s start:
All phones Once lit And Connect To The Network Of Our Furniture Telephone Managers are Traceable Geographically.
Of course this type information, Managers Can Give Solo At The judicial authorities.

But What ‘s Their Accuracy?
Managers, Based on Triangulation Of Cells Can Locate A Mobile In A Radius Going From Some Of Meters, Hundreds To Some Kilometers.

And US?

We Instead, To Who is Lucky To Have A Mobile With GPS, We Get To A Accuracy With A Difference Of Some Metro From Her Royal Position (Incredible! True?)
While, But For Those Without GPS, will Pari Account managers.

A What Could Serve Tracing Our phone?

We are using it we can:
If There Is Stolen,
If Lo We lose,
How To Car Alarm,
If we want to know The Position Of Our Friends, (Prior Authorization From Them Part)
If You Have A Small Son Going In Gita (Just put it in your backpack or jacket In And You’ll know Where You Find)
To Track Partner (Caution This Possibility ‘E’ Prohibited From Law To Via Della Privacy And Confidentiality)

But in addition This What We Do?

With Some Of These Programs, We Also Create A Path Of The Path That Has Made Our Mobile (For Example If Take A Hike), Where Has Shot, A That speed is Gone, If He Stopped, many Kilometers He Path.
In Even More We Communicate With Him Via Chat And Telefonandolo Without Pay Nothing (For Who Has A Subscription A House Flat National And Local).
But Even With A Pc Or Another phone (Having A Connection Flat).
You Take Photos A Distance, Reading The Book, Looking At The Pictures That Have phone, check the battery status,

But How Can We Do It All?

A phone must Have It Be Connected In Network (On the Internet) through a subscription data Type Flat (For Example Naviga3) Even if the exchanged data There are many To Track Down The Phone.

Then You have to Install On Mobile One Of Programs That We’ll list, Or More Of A If You want.

Using A Pc, O ​​Another Mobile Phone, From Remote jack Connect You Through Some Web addresses On your phone (I Li All I Tried, But We Can Say)

With GPSed (Www.Gpsed.Com), For Example You Can Trace The Mobile E Farsi Show Even Without A Trace Of The Path To Some Details On Location, Really Impressive
Mapping You can enlarge And In Various Display Modes:
With Mobile Web Server (Www.Mymobilesite.Net) You can locate Whether Through Cells, Which With Gps.
Take Photos From Remote, Reading Sms, The Address Book, Chat, Hold Your Own Website On the phone, Blog, Forum, Blog, etc ..

With Fring (Www.Fring.Com) Addition To The Phone Gratis, For Other Phones Equipped With Fring, can Tracing Phone Where to Find and track its movements on a map.
You can also, using the SIP protocol and registering at Eutelia Have A Number (Up to 15) Geographic Alerts (Free) (Voip) From A Tile What You Already With Cui can Both Call (Before Purchasing A Credit) Or Even Make you Free Call , For Example From Who has A Subscription To House type Infostrada TuttoIncluso. In How The Numbering What you will Assigned May Be With A Local Prefix. For Who then is How You Call If Fosse A Phone Premises (For A Phone Call Reality).

Nokia Friend View (Friendview.Nokia.Com) You can Locate Both Your Mobile, which create you A Network With Your Friends, REALLY To Track All On A Map.

With Eriadne, You Keep Track Of The Path That Has Made The phone.

Of course there are still other programs Making Things Similar, Even Through The Invisible Sms Sending E-Mail Etc …

From Trials And Experiences Without Using these programs, I Can Say What You Keep Installed Only These:



Mobile Web Server

With this article, I hope I’ve Done What I appreciated And Wave.