Limits of technology Voip

It is easy to say that a diesel car is better than a sports car with petrol in terms of consumption , but everything changes when the comparison is made on the basis of parameters such as speed or recovery. Before then activate a subscription VoIP therefore , one must also consider that this technology has flaws . The main concern the quality of voice transmission and reside in some of its technical characteristics that are the basis of the operation of Voice Over IP .

The poor quality of the audio and line noise , such as the effect of ” echo ” , are in fact directly related to traffic data (not just VoIP) that at that moment passing on the LAN or the limits of technology VoipInternet.

The switching times and packet transmission may vary depending on traffic jams that occur on the Net Just a slowdown in the computer system from which you are connecting , or the poor quality of the line used by ADSL or , again, the distance from the central Telecom nearest to invalidate in a sudden the quality of the audio signal . Another limitation of VoIP is the fact that the majority of providers do not allow you to call emergency numbers : no 113 , 112, 118 or special numbers , such as those in charge to replace the old 144 . Another limitation , this time not so much linked to the technology as the supply of providers , is that not all operators provide a physical numbering to assign virtual VoIP users , so as to allow account holders to be called Voice over IP via the traditional telephone line (or from a mobile phone ) by those who have necessitàdi do so. If this feature is not offered or enabled, you can use VoIP to call , but you may be contacted via Voice over IP only by users of your service provider myself.

The selection of a virtual geographic number is an additional service for which the holder of a VoIP subscription pays , in general, an additional fee . Calls to a virtual number instead have the same charges as those submitted to a standard numbering and related charges depend on the landline or mobile phone plan chosen by the caller. To take advantage of VoIP is no longer necessary to use a rather a ” softphone “, or clients that emulate the telephone , free programs such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk, programs which required users to sit in front of a computer for the duration of the call. The vast majority of providers offering services that can be used via USB or IP phones or , even, as we shall see, using the old equipment fixed telephony . Some carriers , such as Jajah , offer a solution yet different VoIP call phone to phone , that is, ” from phone to phone .” To make calls in this case you do not need a phone , from the PC, using your account , you type two numbers you want to connect (the caller , that is his own, and that of the receiver) . Part then the VoIP call to the telephone caller , which is done ringing , once lifted the handset , the call is forwarded to the required number. There are many companies that have launched tariffs dedicated to Internet telephony.

Considering only the phone market there are hundreds and hundreds: to be able to juggle the myriad of offers is quite a feat . To choose the subscription you have to first understand what type of service is closer to your needs.

Telephone traffic is mainly to national or international numbers ?

Landlines or mobile phones ?

And if the mobile phone is , what managers ?

The calls will be made to the same countries or destinations will always different ?

And, again, the use of the phone is casual or , on the contrary , intensive ?

VoIP-webThe proposal VoIP you want to subscribe, also includes free access to browse online ? Only by answering these aa ( and other questions ) you can tell if a particular tariff profile is profitable or not . The table present in these pages have been inserted flat rates ( if available) and the ” consumption” as calls to landlines and Italian network to the mobile numbers of operators in our country. Rarely subscriptions have an activation cost .

Sometimes require a monthly fee that includes free calls (Skype and Talk ) , calls for which is counted the only connection fee ( Digitel ) or phone at discounted pricing (Telecom Italy ) . More often the mode of payment is ” consumption” ( Cheapnet , Eutelia and many others). Disentangle the various proposals is therefore not straightforward, because often it seems they are the same providers do not want the user to understand tariff plans

. For example, it may happen that after many tests and comparisons, you opt for a manager who apparently offers the cheapest service , only to realize that VAT is not included in the prospectus and that , considering the computation , the operator chose between showing their the most expensive !


Limits of technology Voip