What is a Keylogger

The keylogger is a tool that has the ability to record everything a person writes with his keyboard. In the beginning was the word keylogger used to indicate the elements that could cause damage to your computer. However , the device is now also used by parents to check if their children are browsing trusted sites , or employers, to control the navigation of its employees.


Keylogger are of two types: hardware and software.

The hardware keyloggers are very easy to install and are really unexpected , as it may appear as extensions , whether they are external to the keyboard, but if you are inside of it , are truly invisible. These devices are really very efficient , being able to bring in the memory codes bootstrap . The hardware keyloggers that record everything sent to wireless devices, and to read what is locally stored by the device using a combination of keys or a particular software.
Keyloggers are software programs or devices that store all the signals and send them to a remote computer. All software keyloggers are often transmitted through worms, or Trojan on the computer that are infected while surfing on the internet.
The keylogging program is positioned between the browser and the World Wide Web, in order to capture all password and data that are inscribed . No matter how they are written , with the keyboard or using a microphone , the program detects them anyway.
The countermeasures to combat a keylogger are those of the particular software or hardware firewall to get to identify and stop the connection process .
Certain types of keyloggers are not possible to be detected , and therefore, to ensure that the device can not detect anything, we use the so-called ” on-screen keyboard ” , this software on Windows 7 and Vista, but also present in some anti-virus as resource ( such as Kaspersky ) .


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A keylogger is a tool that can intercept everything that a user types on the keyboard of your computer. A program that records in a text file everything the user types on the keyboard without noticing. Need someone to steal your password.

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