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Kaspersky Internet SecurityThere are many novelty of the version of the antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security , a great product to keep safe our computer and surf in peace. Let us analyze step by step the main features of this version doing some differences between what was changed and what’s new true that they were not supported by the previous version.
The navigation is extremely safe thanks to continuous monitoring, it is assigned a color code to indicate the level of dangerousness of a website.

This aspect has been improved compared to the old version.
Control system reputation of each file. Before the user can click on the file, the system checks if the file in question is reliable. This represents a change from the previous version.
Accurate control of the system. The antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security accurately controls the computer and protects it from threats is not always known, it is also able to roll back the changes caused by malware. This aspect compared to the previous version has been improved.

Accurate control of the applications.

The system will restrict access of programs to the system files and sensitive personal data, this taking into account the level of danger presented by each individual program. This aspect has been improved compared to the old version.
Ability to open applications and websites securely, you can open applications and websites in a protected environment where these isolated sites can not cause harm to your computer.
It protects your computer from potential hacker attacks, but it is also a powerful anti-spam and anti-phishing. It protects us from unwanted and intrusive advertising and allows a total protection from those who try to steal our sensitive data. This aspect has been improved compared to the old version.
An effective Parental Control will also be more relaxed parents who allow their children to use the computer. This system Parental Control means that the smallest remain far from content that is not appropriate in the network. The settings of this system are flexible and effective Parental Control.
The new interface allows a clear navigation completely renovated and now provides the information necessary for the protection. This feature was already present in the previous version and has been completely improved in the new that even those who are not familiar with the world of anti-virus can easily use this product.


  1. Removes all types of malware
  2. Easy to use and customizable interface

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 Kaspersky Internet Security

  • Protect your PC against new threats Internet
  • Additional protection for shopping and banking online
  • Protection of privacy and personal data
  • Control and protection of the online experience of your kids
  • Maximum safety and performance

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