Internet connection speed – Test adsl

The Internet connection speed is a major concern when you are about to sign a new contract with the provider on duty that guarantees exceptional performance above the Test your Internet connection bandwidthaverage offered by the market.

I happened just last summer in the new house my parents to be in serious difficulties when browsing the web, finding a ridiculous slowdown in the loading of web pages, even in the case of the classical static sites with a few images.

If you look around, you can find the deals more attractive to the ADSL subscription contracts, with an average of 8 Mega downstream and 400 Kb / s upload. Thenavigation with unlimited ADSL is undoubtedly the solution further consideration in Italy, however you have to actually see if the speed of navigation insuredactually corresponds once the line is activated.

A great tool, very simple to use and which among other things requires no installation, is NetTraffic with which you are able to detect very accurately the download and upload speed of your internet connection. What does faith in this application is just the extreme precision of data collected and if you make a comparison with the most reliable online services to test the speed of your connection, you will notice a slight difference in the results.

Once you start the portable application, you must select the tab of the network connection on your computer, including wireless and ethernet, to begin to read the speed represented by two dynamic columns on the left side of the interface. You can act on the scale of magnitude of the speed depending on the type of your ADSL line, the configuration of ‘icon in the system tray, time to refresh and display the maximum peak.

NetTraffic is particularly suitable if used in order to analyze the variations of speed to intervene with other programs with the aim to solve all the problems related to internet connection. Although apparently, seems rather trivial and minimalist, in fact, many experts prefer it because of its simplicity combined with attractive operational features. In particular, it is very useful to be able to get through pop-up window in the system tray all the real-time values ​​of speed when downloading is that you send the packets from your computer to the network.

NetTraffic will come in handy if you need a simple and reliable at the same time, to carry with you in your pen drive on the fly to analyze the performance of the internet connection of your customers, friends or family.

A very interesting tool.

Speed Test adsl