Insert Watermark in PDF Documents

The Watermark is a widely used tool by holders of documents you want to keep the authorship.

It is specifically a written or sometimes even a picture that can identify the document to a person, so that this will not be then used by others as if they were the creators and then the file holders. Basically it works like a sort of copyright, aimed at protecting your intellectual property.

Today I will explain how to insert one into a regular PDF document. What you need is just a simple online application called Watermark PDF .

There is nothing overly complicated to follow, because the program does not provide a recording so that it can be used but you can just follow these guidelines.

First, once you collegatovi Homepage’ll have to load your PDF files (up to 10 MB) by clicking the “Browse” button on the top left and then click “Upload.” At this point you should treat your Watermark, then head to the center of the homepage where you will find all the information to create your written or insert a picture.

These boxes allow you to choose the name of Watermark (in this regard I recommend adding the word © copyright followed by your name) with changes feasible of font, size, color, font, bold, italic and underlined, possible rotation or transparency in the image, and more.

After you are done and you’ll be sure to have taken care of all depending on your needs click on “PDF Watermark” below. This again will save your PDF document, however, signed the new Watermark, then protected by copyright and especially non-erasable seen that this is not a simple written text.

Simple and useful, I recommend you use them.