Increase PC performance by configuring the hardware

Most of the devices that are connected to your computer ( eg scanner, printer , monitor and mouse ) require a specific driver to work perfectly and communicate properly with your PC. If you use a number of devices at the same time , a proper functioning of its drivers can greatly affect the performance of your computer .
To configure your hardware profile, you must tell the system which devices you want to be loaded , this procedure, among other things, allows you to free up to the maximum of system memory. In this way , you can use the remaining memory for other applications , speeding up the computation time , but we see How to increase the performance of your system and the speed startup through proper configuration and hardware and drivers.

increase the performance of their system and the startup speed

1 . Before you put your hand to the hardware profile , you must proceed with a backup operation , in so doing, any error will be remedied. First, open the Control Panel and click the System icon. Afterwards , choose the Hardware tab and click the Hardware Profiles . As you can see , the one that is used in automatic is the profile number 1.

profiles hardware

2 . At this point it gets to the heart of the configuration tasks . The first thing to do is to create a specific profile , for example to use the video game : in this way , when you play , the computer will load the smallest possible number of devices to the computer to ensure a very high processing capacity . First select the voice profile 1 ( the configuration used at this time) and press the Copy button. To recognize in the future the hardware profile that you are creating and distinguish it from others , you should rename it ( eg : Profile for video games ) .

Press the ENTER key to confirm.
3 . To be sure that once you start the computer there is a proposed menu choice most appropriate hardware profile , open the window again and click on the profiles Profile 1 (Current) , after which click on Properties. In the dialog box that opens , put a check mark next to the item : Always include this profile as an option when Windows starts and click OK .
4 . To proceed to configure the hardware profile that you just created , you have to first load it . Click OK once to close the Hardware Profiles management and a second time to close the Control Panel. At this point you can restart your computer. You will find yourself in front of a menu choice that had never been presented before . What you need to do is simply choose the menu of your choice from among those that are presented . Use the arrows up and down to select the right item , and then press ENTER.

5 . Upon restarting everything is the same as before and your device can work as usual . If you open the window for selecting the hardware profile , you will also notice that you created in the previous steps (indicated as the profile currently in use) . Click OK and then open the Control Panel. Here click on the window entitled Hardware and later on Device Manager . Take a look at the list of devices that you are in front and try to understand what you give up when you play.

Device Manager

6 . When operating a computer with video games , there are definitely devices to which you can do without , for example, a floppy disk or your printer. Double-click on the device you have chosen to disable this profile. In the Properties window for that device , near the bottom , you will find a drop down menu on the use of the device. Select the item called : Do not use this device for this hardware profile and click OK . You can repeat the process for all of the devices you want to remove this profile.

7 . Once back to the Device Manager window, you can see that at the devices that are disabled for the current profile is presented with a red X . For sincerarvi that despite the changes, the system is working properly, restart your PC. When you are presented with the initial selection menu , select the profile named Profile 1. In the Device Manager window on this menu you will not find any red X . To make a rebuttal , restart your computer again. Choose your profile on the use of video games , open the Device Manager in the Control Panel and you’ll see the red X at the peripherals disabled.
8 . Close the window on the management of devices and open the one called the Hardware Profiles . You can see in the central part of a section called : Hardware profiles selection , useful for managing the menu , restart the computer , allows you to choose the hardware profile that you need. Normally, the computer waits thirty seconds your choice before proceeding with the boot . If you want the computer is waiting for your choice before loading the system, you can choose the item : Wait a profile that is chosen hardware .

9 . Alternatively, you can decide exactly exactly how many seconds the computer will have to wait for the choice of the profile. Just select the Select the first profile in the list , if not selected any profile . Usually it is useful to decrease the timeout seconds for faster time to reboot. You can use the arrow keys up or down to manage the number of seconds required . The computer initially proposes a value of thirty seconds. If you choose zero , the computer will automatically load the first profile in the list.
10 . There is no limit to the amount of hardware profiles you can create. If you find that a specific profile is used more frequently than others, you should put it as the first of the menu bar ( so that it is seen as the default). To make this choice , use the appropriate buttons ( arrow up and down) that you find in the window hardware profiles .



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