How to update Firefox

For about a year Mozilla has planned on a specific development cycle for all of its products from its historic flagship software, I mean the Firefox web browser.

The development cycle for Firefox is expected to release a new version of the program every six months, this does not exclude the possibility of issuing Firefox updates before the normal programming, in case you need to fix serious bugs or unexpected and serious problems in ‘using the application.

The cycle has been designed and intended to allow a work of constant development of new versions and more profitable in terms of the quality of work as well as to provide its users with a product that is always cutting-edge and responsive in fixing bugs.

How to update Firefox

To update Firefox you have two possibilities, the automatic update or manual one.

The first method is the automatic, is the simplest because it is fully automated, each time you start the program, the browser will automatically check for new versions and if it finds an update will automatically download it and install it, restart Firefox verification the compatibility of the plugins installed and if it finds a problem always automatically search and install a new version, otherwise disabled the plugin is not compatible to the release of a new update.

To set up automatic updating need to go into the menu of Firefox and click ” Tools> Options “, you open a new window, go in the” Advanced “and put the check mark on the” Install updates automatically “.

update Firefox manual

The second option is to update Firefox manual.

This procedure automatically check for updates is blocked then you will yourself to having to search for a new version.
In the menu of the browser, go to click on ” Help “, if the menu is not visible on the keyboard, press the” Alt “under the pull-down menu click on” About Firefox

At this point you open a new window where you will find basic information on your Firefox, among them the version currently being used, in this window you will find a button labeled ” Check for Updates “, click on it to launch the search for new versions.

Check for Updates


If the research is successful, if it finds a new version of Firefox, the browser will give you a link where to manually download the new version, download it and install it, you will import all your favorites and bookmarks used previously. (How to save bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox)

I use the automatic update, I avoid the hassle of having to periodically check for updates, does it all and I’m sure he could use a program still relevant, updated and efficient.Install updates automatically

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