How to report a spam message on Whatsapp

How to report a spam message on Whatsapp

For some time Whatsapp has an option ” Block “that allows you to block users who send an unwanted message from a stranger, even if this option is useful but somewhat dubious in its utility because it allows you to specify if the user guilty of unwanted message is blocked by you for personal reasons or because identifiable as a real spammer.

To decide whether to block a user Whatsapp relied until now on the number of blocks made by users, using blocks initiated the cancellation of the suspect concluding that if more people did not want that message or better communication with a specific user was because it was spam.

Without a specific recommendation has happened several times that he saw innocuous users delete their account, sometimes it happened that people would agree to create this situation mettessero cancellation voluntarily blocking people who had decided to spite, the Complaints have come so numerous that Whatsapp decided to run for cover and add a special feature that allowed to report more specifically on the block due to spam Whatsapp blocks for personal reasons.

In the latest versions of the Lock functions are 2,¬†remains one used until now ” Block “but only prevents the sending of messages to yourself by users without indesirati that starts a reporting spam on Whatapp.

The second new feature and ” Spam “blocks the unwanted user and sends a message to Whataapp who will analyze dell’utnete reported experiencing other possible reports to decide whether or not to provide for cancellation.

This new user interface allows you to lock a number and report it as spam in a single pass.

The current version of WhatsApp downloaded from the Play Store not even contemplate this new feature to block spam on WhatsApp, you can download the latest software from the official website of the service or by ‘ APK Mirror .

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