How to remove keyloggers from your PC

Knowing the websites visited, chat sessions made, passwords typed, and maybe even have screens of your PC monitor (or someone else) might seem like a difficult task but through the special tools, called keyloggers, in fact, to find out more on the genre, it does not take anything. Here is explained what they are and, more importantly, how to avoid keyloggers from your PC .


What are keyloggers?

The keyloggers are tools that allow you to capture everything a person typing with the keyboard on your own (or other) computer. Basically, these keyloggers there are two types:

  • those hardware which are the most effective because they are independent of the operating system and you can not notice their presence being physically connected between the keyboard and the computer or inside the keyboard itself;
  • those software which are less effective than hardware because they are simple programs that reside in the operating system. In contrast to those hardware, software keyloggers, however, allow you to send the information collected through the internet.

For example, a hardware keylogger might be as follows:

Examples of software keyloggers are programs like  Spyrix Free Keylogger and Home Keylogger v2.00  (both free and compatible with Microsoft operating systems). To use them, unfortunately, it does not take anything: just set them up on the first start and, if desired, you can also create an account to check the Internet all the activities that take place on your computer where you installed the keylogger. In addition, these programs, not just the operating system loads, and can be started automatically hidden so that the potential victim does not notice just about anything.

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How to remove keyloggers from your PC?

In addition to being knowingly installed, the keylogger software may settle in the computers by exploiting a vulnerability in  the browser is not updated (navigating to specific websites designed on purpose), but also through the e-mail messages that contain attachments in disguise (and who may have a double extension ).
As to protect against hardware keyloggers just check carefully the keyboard and USB ports (but not only) on your computer, the speech is not as easy as regards the keylogger software. In fact, although a firewall and a good antivirus with updated definitions (and / or with an analysis heuristics ) are able to prevent and detect the presence of these programs, in order to have the absolute certainty on the computer to discover all possible keylogger , we need a program that can continuously monitor the behavior of running applications in order to identify any potential assets from keyloggers and to act accordingly.
Among them, the following programs are therefore the ones that I recommend:

  • Zemana AntiLogger Free : compatible with many  anti-virus and anti-malware, Zamana AntiLogger Free is an excellent free program that can protect any application on your computer (including the browser) and simultaneously prevents keyloggers by encrypting your keystrokes characters that were typed. Unfortunately, in its free version, Zamana AntiLogger does not allow to know what is the file you are trying to access your information, and it also makes it impossible to stop or even to remove it (however, once installed, the program will be ready to use). Also available in Italian (not in the free version) and compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 in both the 32- and 64-bit;
  • Free SpyShelter is also compatible with most anti-virus and anti-malware but in its free version, unfortunately, does not allow to be used on 64-bit operating systems and, at the same time, it allows you to

    Image credit: iStockPhoto

    encrypt your keystrokes. In contrast, SpyShelter Free provides real-time protection against keyloggers that capture the screens, those who read the contents of the clipboard (ie data stored once you copy something) and also those that act at the level kernel .As for Zemana AntiLogger Free, once installed SpyShelter Free program will be ready for use.

  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 in both 32-bit and, from SpyShelter Premium, with the 64-bit versions.

As you may have guessed, these free versions, unfortunately, have many limitations, and to identify and remove keyloggers from your PC directly will need to install one of their trial versions as these are much more complete and work for at least a couple of weeks. Only later, to continue to have a minimum level of protection, you should install one of the free versions of these programs though, to tell the truth, the cost to use a full version are not prohibitive (always assuming that you will still need to have ).
At this point you should have figured out what they are and, more importantly, how to remove keyloggers from your PC .