How to Manage Your Fonts

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Exploring Fonts icon in Control Panel

In our journey to discover the Control Panel, start now several issues ago , it’s time to stop on the ” characters ” that allows you to manage the fonts installed in the operating system . As usual, to access the Control Panel , click the Start Menu / Control Panel or if you use Windows Start / Settings / Control Panel for earlier versions .
How to Manage Your FontsAmong the icons that appear , select “Fonts ” and double-click it . The window that we face is nothing but a particular view of the folder C: \ Windows \ Fonts folder , where files are stored that make up our collection of characters. Each program is able to access this folder and it would be good to avoid any cancellation occasional , on pain of loss of installed fonts . Double-click on a font name : it will open a window that shows the name, various information about the manufacturer and the date of creation and especially its appearance with different point sizes . You can print this window by clicking the “Print” button : you will then have at your fingertips all the information about the font : it is common to build an album with prints of all fonts , to help in the choice when it typesets .

To close the window click on “Completed” The Control Panel is the safest place to add new fonts . First of all you must get the new files , through the collections that are sold in CD -ROM or through the Internet, for example from the site / fonts . The fonts used by Windows are files with the extension . ” Ttf ” . It should be remembered that the fonts are often protected by copyright and that on the Internet it is easy to run into sites that offer fonts for a fee , in exchange for downloading a dialer . Once you have the font from the ” Font ” open the File menu and select ” Install New Font ” . Browse the disk in search of the font, select it and click “OK” .

Make sure there is a check mark next to the item “Copy fonts to the Fonts folder .” The installation completed without additional support questions and the new font is immediately available in all programs. To remove a font from your own collection , the procedure is very similar. From the ” Font ” to select the font you want to delete, click it with the right mouse button and select ” Delete.” This is the only correct way to delete a font.

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