How to download and install whatsapp on android

WhatsApp is a mobile messaging that makes it possible to exchange messages without paying SMS. This happens because WhatsApp are using the Internet data used for web browsing. The use of WhatsApp is free for the first year of use, after which it will be possible to renew the service by purchasing a subscription at a cost of 1 euro per year. Let’s see how to download and install WhatsApp on Android using the store’s app and our mobile games.


Before you start to install WhatsApp on Android’s make sure that it is now connected to the Internet. If you can use the Wi-Fi to conserve data traffic being downloaded. Attention : to install WhatsApp must be installed on our mobile Android OS 2.1 or higher .WhatsApp is supported on most Androidsmartphones running Android (Acer, Asus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Samsung, Sony) but can not be installed on tablets or devices with only the Wi-Fi.Only if the tablet can receive calls you are technically possible to use WhatsApp.For more information about it can see the page of the FAQ of WhatsApp.


We touch the icon of Google Play or the icon of the app store and games that we use regularly on our mobile.
In the search box we type whatsapp messenger .
We touch the ‘ icon WhatsApp Messenger .


We touch the button INSTALL .
We touch the button ACCEPT .
It will start the stage of downloading and installing the app.
At the end of the installation process we touch OPEN .
We touch Accept and continue .


In the window Check phone number touch Choose a country and choose Italy .
We type our phone number and touch OK .
If the phone number is correct press OK to start the test.
WhatsApp will send an SMS message for verification .

SMS verification

The SMS will contain a code that we will have to enter in the verification screen of WhatsApp . Important : the verification code is unique and changes every time you make testing a new number or device.


Insert the information required for our profile. Important : The user name is the name that we choose our friends and all the other contacts will see when they want contact with WhatsApp. The name you choose can be changed at any time in Settings → Profile → Name . We touch Next .

At this point the installation of WhatsApp will be completed. For texting contacts who have WhatsApp touch the ‘ folder icon at the top right of the screen.


whatsappIf you want to uninstall from Android WhatsApp touch the icon Settings on our mobile device,
we touch the card applications .
In the section download touch WhatsApp .
We touch Uninstall and OK .