How to create a multimedia presentation with PowerPoint

The program for the media presentation are not only suitable for companies and managers. A ‘ application such as Powerpoint , included in the package of Microsoft Office , it can be useful in many situations.create a multimedia presentationWhen you start PowerPoint , it opens a window asking how you want to create your new presentation. You can choose from the wizard (ie ” Wizard content “), which is a model structure that already exists or a blank presentation. For this example we will use a design template, so click next to the entry and then click OK. A dialog with at least three tabs: General, Design Templates , Presentations.

Click the Templates tab structure : The list of different types of basic models for PowerPoint, you can used as the initial setting for your presentation. Each of these models has specific design characteristics. This way you have a starting point in which to place your content.


Select one of the design templates from the list . Usually you can see a preview of the model in the window. You can click once on each model to see how it looks. For this example we chose the model called tactics, but you can of course choose another one. Click on OK. In the next dialog box you can choose the setting (layout) of the first slide.

Clicking on any layout you will see a description that helps you to choose from. Usually it is preferred that the first slide of the presentation is very simple, with only the title of the presentation in the middle of the page. We decided, however, to also put some illustrations on the title page, and so we chose the layout ” Text and Clip Art . ” Click on OK. We are on the main screen, you have three large boxes for the title, text and clip art. It is very easy to put in these boxes your real content, just click inside each box and write their own lyrics. Add title and text as well. Double-click the clip and add your picture. Let’s do it together, let’s start with the title.

Position the mouse pointer and click the box with the words “Click to enter title. ” Enter what you want, exactly as if it were a word processor. Also the formatting of characters, the size, the colors and the alignment is done in the same way.


HOW TO Design a Multimedia PowerPoint Presentation

The next thing to do is to add the main points of your presentation. Each of these points will then have its own slide. The points will be placed on the left side of the slide by. So again, click where it says ” click to enter text “and write a short memo. PowerPoint will automatically add a small point before writing. To add more points, each with its own label, just press the Enter key to move to the next line. The last thing to do to complete this first slide is to embellish it with a few pictures. To do this, click twice on the clip to open the Clip Art Collection. Scroll through the list of categories to see what is available.

In the category ” Sports “We chose the image of a football player. Click OK and will be automatically inserted into the slide.

Now we have added the three main components of the slide title, text and image. You will notice that after you insert the image of the player, appeared on the screen a new toolbar. This bar allows you to make detailed changes to the image, if necessary. To hide this bar ( and free up space on the screen ), simply click on the little cross in the top right.


The last and most important thing to do is see how the slide appears on the screen. We will use the ” Presentation “. You can access this feature from the View menu, Presentation; or you can simply click the Slide Show button in the lower left corner of the screen Powerpoint (the button looks like a projection screen). Immediately, the menu disappears and the Powerpoint slide is displayed full screen. To return to the normal display mode, click on any part of the screen. To create additional slides for your presentation, simply go back to step 4 and repeat the same steps.


A presentation program helps to build a series of screens or “slides” made up of text and images.

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