How to call with your computer

The phone industry in the internet is fast developing , given the great interest on the part of the people to communicate to mobile from PC or PC to other PCs using the technology voip .

The acronym VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.The web conferencing have greatly facilitated the companies that have offices in different parts of the world , allowing you to save time and money by opting for virtual meetings in the network.

Government statistics Skype are clear: during peak hours , the well-known service currently owned by Microsoft , records from 27 to 29 million concurrent users . Figures unthinkable a few years ago!

Could not miss the opportunity to communicate freely with the world of mobile telephony. Born as an app for Android phones and iPhones , as a result of numerous requests from users Tango is now also available for the PC. The interesting novelty of this innovative service is that it supports video calling to mobile phones from the computer. Calling a cell phone from your desktop computer or laptop using your ADSL line and without spending a single cent is allowed using this application .

Want to video call your friends who own an iPhone or Android phone ? With Tango you can do it in a very simple and fast.

To download the application click here . The installation requires a few steps. The interface simulates a virtual iPhone to your PC. The first step you need to take is to register for the service by entering your phone number, needed to receive calls through Tango , first name, last name and a valid email address .

The second step requires you to import your contacts of your friends in order to facilitate put you in communication with them. Press the Add Contacts button .

You can add the phone number of your friends or invite them by entering their email address .

Through the bottom menu , you can access all the features included in Tango and if you press the Setting button to enter the configuration panel where you can set up your webcam , the appearance of the interface and other customization parameters .

Tango is now ready to run and you can start video calls to mobile phones from your PC. The quality of the video is very high, you can not seem true to be able to talk to a free cell phone from the comfort of sitting in your office or on the sofa with the laptop.

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