How change search engine EDGE

Let’s see how to change the search engine Edge , the Web Browser present in all versions of Windows 10. Microsoft Edge uses Bing as the default search engine but we can choose to use any other search engine at will as Google or Yahoo!
In the following guide explains how to set Google as your default search engine Italy Edge .

Microsoft Edge

Search engine Microsoft EDGE

How to set Google as your DEFAULT EDGE

Colleghiamoci the web site of the search engine that we want to set as the default, in this example Google Italy .

To do this we open the Edge .
In the search box Search or enter the web address we type and we press Enter on the computer keyboard.
You will see the main page of Google Italy.
In the toolbar we click on the Edge ‘icon More Actions (the icon with the three dots at the top right).
We click on Settings .
Using the scroll bar on the side let the section Advanced Settings .
We click Show Advanced Settings .
In the drop-down menu below the search bar address by clicking on the arrow do .
We click on <Add new> .
I click and Add as a default .
From this moment on, all the research that will perform using the card next destination? or bar Addresses Edge will be made ​​with Google Italy.

Warning : Microsoft Edge lets you use only the search engines that support the OpenSearch , the format used for content search based on XML. For this reason you can not add a new search engine simply by typing its address (as they did with Internet Explorer). To add a new search engine we have to visit at least once.