Guide To Solving Malfunctions Of Computer

After the misfire , the most serious problem that can occur in people who use the COMPUTER is the so-called ” freezing ” or freeze , in practice , the COMPUTER that you plant Malfunctions Of Computerssuddenly while we are working . It is an event that in its most severe form , or even complete blockage of the mouse cursor , it is quite rare, and when it presents itself typically has a motivation hardware . In this case , turn off the machine and do a check to find out what broke. Usually, think back to how he behaved in the minutes before the COMPUTER helps to make a diagnosis : if the disk access was becoming increasingly slow and the disc itself was more noisy than usual , it could be the case of focusing on it for more investigations ; irregular noises of the fans could indicate an overheating of the processor , but if you were connected to the Internet , or you had launched a program you just downloaded , the problem may be software , a virus or a trojan horse could have you infettato.Ci are two other possible causes of total blocks : the first is the connection of a device is not plug and play misconfigured .

If you have just added a component to the COMPUTER , then it is the prime suspect . The second component is a ” drift “, ie that with normal use when it heats up, does not behave as it should . In the latter case , turn off the machine and let it cool solves the problem … until the temperature returns to the component . Locate the defective part at this point is not easy, and it could be the case of resorting to the technician. If the unit does not stop abruptly, but starts to slow down dramatically, to react further and further behind and shots to the instructions of the user, chances are good that it is a block due to the software. In these cases , usually the mouse cursor continues to move , and pressing CONTROL + ALT + DELETE, you should get a result on the screen : in particular , it should open the window of programs in business, and one of them should be marked on its “Not Responding” . Closing it , everything should normalize.

Another common cause of this problem ( slowdown and partial block ) is the primary hard disk drive is now full. If so ( verified by right clicking on the C: Drive , then select Properties from the menu ) you do a disk cleanup to free up space , and if everything goes back to normal , take advantage to run maintenance utilities ( scan disk , defrag ) and while you’re going to buy a larger drive .

cause overheating of the notebook.Listen to the COMPUTER The famous Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda said that the most important feature for a pilot was the sensitivity of the seat, to feel the vibrations of the car. Even for a computer user is important to listen to the vibrations of the own machine , only that in this case the machine is a computer, and the vibrations are just sound waves . It is important to get used to recognize the various sounds and noises that our COMPUTER emits under normal use , because they change when you are approaching a failure, and we can then warn giving us time to take adequate measures.

For example, if the fan noise becomes irregular , and tends to become more severe (ie, to move toward the bass spectrum ) , it is possible that the fan is bad or that fueled its engine has problems , but in any case , it is very likely that it spins more slowly than expected : if the situation continues , the failed fan will provide insufficient cooling and some expensive component will fail to overheating. Another element to hear is the hard drive . As a rule , it emits a slight buzz due to the high frequency noise of the engine , plus a slight ticking due to the heads every time he reads or writes data. But even if only a few data by reading the ticking becomes rhythmic , intensifies and is repeated several times , while the required data arriving on the screen after several readings ( and noise) , it is appropriate to use a utility for checking the condition of the disc . And to make a backup as soon as possible . If at some point you feel that something from “scratch ” , it is probably too late to act , and at this point, your data can be recovered only by skilled ( and expensive).

Other noises may come from the burner (carriage that moves the laser back and forth indicates trouble keeping track , like a swish of plastic flapping is just the CD or DVD badly balanced to immediately pull out of the drawer ) , from ‘ ZIP drive ( a sharp noise followed by a rhythmic ” click-click ” may mean the death of any of the unit and ZIP disk was in it to plug or later) and for those who still has the old floppies, when he had problems reading emitted real ” machine-gunning ” : it was the reading head that was brought to the bottom stroke tararne aim of the position , especially for reading discs not perfectly in place . Finally, keep an eye on the actual audio of the COMPUTER.

If raising the volume of his speakers out intermittent buzzing , crackling or hissing short , there may be problems of instability of power , power surges or other disturbances on the power grid , often due to the proximity of evil shielded equipment (motors of elevators, refrigerators, vacuum cleaner and so on ) . These disorders can be detrimental to the long COMPUTER components and, if necessary isolate the machine with better protection and filtering devices such as electrical outlets protected or UPS .Computer will not turn causes
Calmly Finally , one last recommendation : think before you do . Sometimes you act rashly and you run the risk of worsening the situation. If there is a hardware problem on the disc, for example , needless to rekindle groped several times COMPUTER , because any attempt to reduce the chances of data recovery expert . If the machine does not start, or go into full lock , turn around , take a deep breath , and then begin to follow the procedures that we have described. And always keep ready your backup.

Backup, life insurance Backup is a backup copy of the data , made to reduce problems in the event of a hardware failure to the storage devices. The very high capacity hard disk drives have made it a rather long and tedious , even using as supports for copying devices such as high-capacity DVD.Al the moment , the backup media is more comfortable to another hard disk capacity equal to that to be protected; unfortunately , this solution is convenient but rather expensive .

The use of dedicated procedures (Windows Backup program offers a series ) greatly simplifies the management of backup : in fact, these programs must perform a full copy of the data only the first time they are used , then you can choose the ” incremental backup ” in practice, copies only the data that has changed since the last salvataggio.Una backup strategy that represents a good compromise between efficiency and simplicity is to just copy your data ( photos, videos , documents, etc.) dropping programs (of which you will keep the original in a safe place.) for added security, you should not always use the same ” average ” for the backup.Se always use the same DVD -RW , for example, sooner or later it wear out and will give errors when reading ; unreadable and a backup is useless . A good strategy is to alternate at least three media on which to store all of your data at least weekly (first Friday stored on the DVD “a”, the second on “b “, the third in the “c” , the fourth rewrite of a and so on.) If the data is working , better save with higher frequencies (for example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday .) In this way, even if the disk fails and the first backup is damaged, it would still have two chances to start again, with older data , but at least not from scratch.

If the COMPUTER freezes

You were working quietly and suddenly the COMPUTER not responding ? Here’s what you do.

  1. Listen if the disk makes strange noises – if yes , turn off everything
  2. If smoke comes out or burnt smell , turn off
  3. Check to see if the mouse works again
  4. Try pressing CONTROL + ALT + CANCEL
  5. If the answer COMPUTER , close the program failed
  6. Check the disc – if full, launch Disk Cleanup ( Properties menu )
  7. Just can perform a full backup
  8. Run scan disk ( Properties menu )
  9. Defragment ( Properties menu )
  10. Run virus checks additional


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