Freeware image editing

With the proliferation of digital photography, more and more users are passionate also to the “post-production”, to photo editing . Toned colors, changing the depth of the same, the choice of colors, blur are just some of the effects that frequently apply to photographs. So everyone can give vent to his artistic talent. It is said that a picture, faded to sepia or blue, has less grace, value and significance of that color.


Sometimes the antique effect, applied to a portrait or a few faces, gives charm to the next step. Not only that, sometimes an effect of a crayon or pencil sketch is capable of transforming a cool photo in an explosion of color and, why not, of emotions. In these pages we will see how to apply these effects using the free program FotoSketcher .

FotoSketcher can be downloaded from .

It works through two windows. In the first image will be placed starting, possibly dragging it with the mouse; then, starting the command of image processing, it opens a floating window in which to apply the style of processing and the depth of color and shading. In the same window you will find a small field that displays in real time the final result, shown in the window immediately to the right. In the picture you can see the transformation of a photo into a drawing in pastels. By changing the sliders that are found in the parameter window, you can apply some interesting changes, intervene on the intensity of the color, brightness, contrast.


The changes are applied immediately, and you can see in the preview window.

Another example of processing: this time with the effect pencil. Even here the modification of the parameters (the thickness of the tip, the depth of the section and the strength of the touch) helps to determine different results, very different from each other. The effect is often very pleasant when applied to the original plans. Here instead the effect framework, with the use of oil colors. The result is certainly impressive: allows you to donate to the image, sometimes too realistic, artistic flair. The gradient of the colors (especially on the rocks at the top) and the marking of the uncertain boundaries between colors help to accentuate the effect of “painting.”


In the field of transformation in painting , the choices are endless. Although this and previous share the same Freeware image editingenvironment and the same transformation starting image, the results are very different. In this second case, the calibration of the sliders (with reduction, for example, contrast) helps to give the typical appearance of oil paintings. The system allows you to insert a small string text. The words “watermark” can ‘be added at the bottom right.

FotoSketcher is a program for Windows

 FotoSketcher  It runs on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and the latest Windows 8 and 8.1 FotoSketcher is a freeware software for Windows that allows you to transform your digital photos into wonderful cartoons, drawings or paintings.