Free Firefox extension to translate

The free extension ImTranslator

can translate on the fly songs in a foreign language on a page Web Software Free online multilingual translation for English, Chinese, Korean , Japanese, Spanish , French, Portuguese, Dutch, tedescoTranslator one click L ‘ ImTranslator extension allows you to integrate Firefox into a very convenient tool : a translator. Just select a track, in fact , right-click the right button and the browser returns the translation in ours, or in other languages.

practice your speaking and listening skillsObviously translations of songs are not accurate , sometimes not even reliable, but in many cases help to understand the meaning of the text . First, open the browser and connect to the main page of ImTranslator , Here , below, you will find the link to install the extension in Chrome or Firefox extension . Choose the second option . Firefox warns with a bar , you are trying to install an application . Click ” Allow” .

The window of installing extensions is always the same : just press the ” Install Now ” to proceed. The installation is fully automated : at the end of the operation, you just have to restart the browser , as proposed. ImTranslator is ready for use. Open a foreign site , select the text with your mouse , then press the destro.Tra options there’s a new one: ” ImTranslator .” Click it . A window opens . In the upper box shows the selected text. At the bottom, after a few moments , it appears in the default language of the translation . In our case, Spanish. At the center of the window, instead of “Spanish ” , thanks to the drop-down menu choose the English voice . From now on it will be the default choice is the translation in Italian , although very approximate .

Text appears on a megaphone : are links to a site that allows you to listen to the reading aloud of the songs. The other top options are used to paste more text , print it , send it by e-mail , and so on . The extension also has a vocabulary , useful to translate single parole.Per access it, click the Dictionaries button with the icon of an open book . When you open the ” Online Dictionary” you only have to enter the word to search for. Spell Checker provides high quality spell check tool full-featured for accurate input of information in English ,,, German French Italian Portuguese, Russian , Spanish and Ukrainian. Spell Checker functionality is based on a sophisticated engine morphological , lexical word that comes from the spelling dictionary to provide accurate results .

Online Translator performs real-time translation for Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan , Chinese ( simp) , Chinese ( trad.) , Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian , Filipino, Finnish, French , Galician, German , Hebrew, , Hindi, Hungarian , Indonesian, Italian , Japanese, Korean , Latvian, Lithuanian , Maltese, Norwegian, Polish , Portuguese, Romanian , Russian, Serbian , Slovak, Slovenian , Spanish, Swedish , Thai, turkish , Ukrainian, and Vietnamese Greeks and their combinations.

ImTranslator for Firefox, One of the Most Popular and Much Requested add-on for Firefox, ah Received the Highest score by a number of Members


Free Firefox extension to translate
ImTranslator: Google Translate
Free Firefox extension to translate
ImTranslator: Firefox Translate