Create fonts from your handwriting

How to create a font , starting from their own writing . When you choose the fonts appear in a word processing program , among others, of the styles that seem to be written by hand.

Would not it be nice to use one identical your handwriting?

That’s just what makes the free conversion service provided by the site , provided that you have a printer and a font generatorscanner . The service of creating a font provided by the site requires no registration and is free of charge. But we must prepare a scanner, a printer and a ballpoint pen with black ink and fine tip . You also need to have installed a program to read and print PDF files , such as the classic Adobe Reader ( download at ) . Once you open the Font Capture site , click on “Create your font now .” On the next page click on “Download font template” .

This will allow you to download a document called ” Font_template.pdf .” Save it to your computer and open it with a program like Adobe Reader or similar , then print it on A4 paper . Now armed with ballpoint pen and fill in all the boxes with a letter , number or symbol typographic reported in each box of modulo.Vi seem to be back in elementary school , but it’s worth it ! The secret of a good result is to follow some simple rules . As explained on the site , you need to “center” of each character, so that the body is between the first and second indents of the box, or between one called ” Ascender ” and ” Baseline ” .

This is the line on which will be written in the following characters from the word , so try to lean the characters you type . When a lowercase letter is descending (such as ” g” , “f “, ” p” and so on ), you must write the leg below the line “Baseline ” , not to exceed one called ” Descender ” . Similarly, some characters, such as accented capital letters or special symbols such as umlauts , must pass a little ‘ dash ” Ascender ” .

When you have finished filling out the form with your writing , place the sheet in the scanner and make a color or black and white ( best ), using a resolution of at least 200 DPI.Non exaggerated with the resolution, either because the file to send it becomes heavy and because it could be counterproductive : a good compromise is 400/600 dPI. Saved to disk scan in PNG format (best) or JPG with the least compression possible.

Proceed by clicking on “Step 3″ . Now you have to send the scan to the site for conversion into fonts . Fill out the required fields on the Web page : next to ” Font Name” enter a name recalling that is what appears in the selector font of word processing . Next to “Author” , enter your name and then click “Browse ” and select the PNG or JPG files by scanning the completed form .

FontCapture Make Your Own Font For Free


Finally, click “Submit”. Wait with patience : the online submission and conversion may take a few minutes . At the end of the process you will see the page “Step 4″ with a preview of written generated according to your font. If the result does not satisfy you , you can repeat the process by filling out another form , acquisite and sending it again . Click ” Scan Template 3 ” brings you back to the previous step .

Oriental style font

In the Far East, the calligraphy is an art (the most refined form of painting), so much so that you practice using brushes.


Otherwise, click on ” Download the font .” What you download is a small file with the name you assigned to the font plus the suffix . ” Ttf ” in our case will be ” Computeridea.ttf .” Must copy it into the Windows font folder .

Just open Windows Explorer in the system folder “C: \ Windows \ Fonts” and drag with the mouse the downloaded file. Will appear briefly on a panel that indicates that Windows is installing the font. Now to use the new font able to start a word processing program or any other program that uses Windows fonts in TTF format : it can do pretty much all of them.

Select the font using the name that you had entered the Web page next to ” Font Name” before sending the scan module . Start typing , also choosing the size you want . As if by magic … the computer will write with your “fist” !


There are many fonts on the Web that simulate handwriting .  Suggest four in the following table.

Create fonts online Allows you to create custom fonts directly online Once we have made our own set of characters, they are automatically converted to TrueType format (used by both Windows and Macintosh).