How to find a smartphone or Android tablet

Prevention is better than cure and, for those not in the know, from the beginning of August, Google allows you to protect and recover smartphone or Android tablet easily and quickly, both in the case of simple theft of loss, through a service called Android Device Manager , in Italian Manage Android devices .
Now, this service has expanded and also allows you to lock the screen using a PIN (or password), or to be able to completely erase the contents of restoring it to factory data (ie their as if it had just been purchased), all via a simple connection to the Internet (ie remotely). Let’s see how to proceed.
First you must enable the service by going to the following address: via a computer, where, after successful authentication, you will see all our devices that are connected to our Google Account . Once there, we will send a notification to the device for which you want to enable security.

Receipt of the notification on our device, or manually by going to the Google settings, you have to select “Device Manager Android” and then check “Allow remote lock and factory data reset” and after selecting “Enable”, we will have given the possibility to our device to be controlled remotely:
Once we have enabled remote management on our device, we go back to Manage Android devices through a computer, and update the page. Now we see two new options under the state of our device which are Block and Delete (in addition to Make ringing).
Clicking on Block will open a window that will lock the device.
You can enter a single number (PIN) or an alphanumeric password. We confirm by clicking Lock. Within a few seconds you will see the screen of our device will turn off and when I re-open, we will be asked to enter the number (PIN) or password that we have chosen. The lock screen password will remain active until we went through the security settings of our device and we have disabled the password (by entering the new PIN or password choice) in “Set up screen lock” and selected, for example, Scroll .

If you’ve lost or, if worse, they have stolen our device, the best thing you can do immediately is to put a strong password, using the ‘ web interface . Then, if desired, we can use the “Delete” option that will allow us to not only delete the contents of your device, but also the content of any memory card (eg SD), is inserted into our device. After you have done that, we will also receive an email with where and Androidwhen the device has been reset to its factory settings.
In any case, both the block that the factory data reset, will take place almost immediately, and then, if the device is unreachable, it is turned off or is not connected to the Internet, the service block or factory data reset will be active as As soon as the device is connected to the Internet again.
should be noted that the service to find a smartphone or a tablet Android is not infallible, and that there are methods to get around it, but at least this will allow us to be a little ‘more peaceful ( and then it is said that those who find our device is able to circumvent the service offered by Google).