FileMaker Create database of professional

Software for business and personal database for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web

Here’s how to keep order in the archives and projects with the ability to quickly find what you are searching.

Have you ever organized your data by leveraging the power of Excel, but , over time arrived at the 3,758 line spreadsheet and you realize that to scroll the list of the books or movies from home we employed forever . It is clear that this system does not do more for you. Do not worry , because the program you are looking for exists. It’s called FileMaker . It is a database, but , contrary to what you might think , it is not difficult to use.

It is suitable for everyone, even those who see it for the first time this kind of software , and allows you to start working after just a few minutes . Do you think that you do not even have to start over because the cataloging simply drag with the mouse icon Excel spreadsheet , which you had already , on that program , to find all your data in perfect order , but with the convenience of clear and user-friendly interface , designed specifically to facilitate very complex searches , in less time. FileMaker is a good solution for the management of any type of information : contacts, documents , books, movies and photos , but also because it can even view and catalog images .

When the program starts you can choose whether to create a new database from scratch or use one of the thirty -shelf solutions that could meet the most common needs . We recommend that you start by creating a new project, to become familiar with the program. This way you can include your Excel files and view the information as you feel more comfortable , organizing your database cards and putting the data come from different tables relate to each other .

The new version of FileMaker allows you to create and generate PDF files in a few steps in order to facilitate information sharing with friends or colleagues. Similarly, if your repository contains the contacts of a club or association , and you need to ship the database information as text of an e-mail message , you will not need to create any special procedure to complete the task . FileMaker also has the necessary tools to manage access permissions. You might want to fact, not to give it to, to look at the data in the database that you created , or you could allow some people to change the database , for others simply to consult , in whole or in part.

FileMaker Create database of professional

This aspect of the program has been well cared for, as undoubtedly require some attention. Once you have collected the data of interest to the information can be re- exported into an Excel spreadsheet , for example in case your colleagues did not have available to FileMaker but wanted to continue working on your file. In time, you will be thrilled if you can publish databases such as Web pages on a local network or on the Internet : it is complex and , to do that, you will not need to modify the database, or use any other software. The only limit is that your data can be accessed only by five users simultaneously.


Operating System Windows 8.1, and Windows 8.1 Pro* Windows 8, and Windows 8 Pro* Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium*

Hardware Requirements Minimum

  • Windows CPU: Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 or newer RAM: 1 GB CPU: Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 or newer RAM: 2 GB
  • Mac CPU: 64-bit Intel-based Mac RAM: 2 GB CPU: 64-bit Intel-based Mac RAM: 4 GB

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The FileMaker Platform is a line of products that work together across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web to streamline your business. Easily manage your customer data, track assets, create invoices, run reports, and more.


You can also import other familiar data types such as .CSV, Tab, or XML into your database.


The powerful and easy to use software to create custom business solutions for you and your team. Includes everything it offers FileMaker Pro, as well as a number of advanced development and customization tools. A free application that runs your FileMaker solutions on iPad and iPhone allowing you to connect to data wherever you are. Server software quick and reliable way to securely share data with groups of users FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go and extend your solutions to the Web Display solutions, plug-ins, tools for developers and third-party resources. Learn the basics of FileMaker with the complete set of training courses to get software developers, and other important resources.