The best way to fight spam bots

We have mentioned several times in like a pair of eyes open are essential for the fight against spam . To help you with this , here is a short list of “products” that spammers attempt to place more frequently with their Internet advertising . Exciting medications , diet and tranquilizers names more or less known . The ” online pharmacies ” , by themselves, produce How to Stop Spamabout half of the spam that goes into our inboxes. Subscriptions to pornography sites ” unsuitable for children ” .

Even a character blatantly ( and obnoxiously ) illegal. Pirated software Office and the Adobe suite of all , strictly sold at prices around $ 50 . Of course it is pirated software, which is absolutely necessary to steer clear : even piracy itself is bad thing …

But there would seem wise , however, handing hackers declared the details of your credit card?

Mortgage Brokers same argument made earlier : who would trust a sinister spammers, for a speech delicate as borrowing money ?

What guarantees of correctness can give?

And if it proves to be a real money lender ?

Purpose of job you want a job that commitments a few hours a week, and enable you to earn more than € 4,000 per month, without you having to move from home? Wait confident in front of your e-mail program : sooner or later someone will offer you the opportunity to recycle their dirty money in return for appropriate compensation. Without, however, explain exactly what it is …
How to Stop Spam

Spam filters ” server side”
Many e-mail servers now support anti-spam filters that sort the mail before the messages are delivered to the user’s inbox . The operation of such filters is conceptually very simple: each incoming message is checked according to different lists and different criteria, and each test gives the message a ” coefficient of spam .” Based on the total score recorded by each message, the filter on the e-mail server decides whether or not to mark it as spam.

The criteria according to which the messages are evaluated include:

• The IP address of the server of origin If you record a lot of spam messages coming from the same server, this is branded as ” a source of spam,” and the subsequent messages that may come from the same IP will be immediately reported as suspected .

• Words in the message specific terms used in the text or in the message can help to give rise to some suspicion.

• The structure of the message Messages that there are only images without text , or with too many links in the text, or with Javascript code correspond very often to spam.

• The e- mail address … assuming that the spammer shift is so little tricky to use several times the same address .

• The addresses of the recipients if the same email is sent to too many recipients , or if they have the same names too similar ( as if they were taken from a list in alphabetical order) there is a strong likelihood that the message is from a spammer.

• Any reports of the specific message If part of a collaborative network spam the same message is reported as spam by a sufficient number of users ( usually up by 5 reports ) is invariably labeled as ” junk” , whatever.
To hide the world your email address that you entered in the Facebook profile, you need to log in to your profile and click on the link ” Privacy Settings ” (or “Settings” and then “Manage Privacy” ) . In the menu that appears on the screen you have to select the profile and then go to select among the ” Contact Info ” for each e-mail address provided , the “visibility ” as with any other personal information , you can decide to prevent access to your e-mail to anyone , shrink it to the entire group of your contacts or a subset defined at your leisure.


Phishing : how to recognize it
Phishing has many points in common with spam. And in effect is blocked by many spam filters , as much as the normal advertising. Against phishing is, however, necessary to maintain a much higher threshold of concern : the phishing endangers your wallet, in no uncertain terms . And to this day is the most simple, effective and used to get the possession of other people’s sensitive data (passwords and credit card numbers in the first place) .

The phishing attempts , however, are almost always easily recognizable by many details. Here is a checklist of features to keep an eye to sniff out the scam . 1I phishing messages are often poorly written . An Italian sloppy, convoluted syntax and spelling errors are a clear indizio.Per causes that we do a little ‘hard to understand , phishing criminals are fond of automatic translators ,

and do not bother to give credibility to their messages from the linguistic point of view . But be careful ! Does not commit the unforgivable mistake to trust the messages just because they are written in perfect Italian ! 2I phishing messages rely on private servers and the unlikely name . If you receive a message that asks you to CartaSì log on to a server in Russia or Indonesia to confirm your data, probably something else again. And, beware, do not be fooled ! If a Web address is the ‘@’ character , the real address to which you are connecting is what I found written only after esso.Per an example, the URL ” @” does not lead at all to the search engine , but at the site of our magazine .

Seeing is believing . 3Ultimo , but not least: no operator of some importance , least of banks and other companies that are located directly handle your money ( PayPal circuits credit cards) , would dream of contacting all its customers ” carpet ” and ask them to connect to the service with a lot of login and password.Tutte companies of this type are absolutely aware of the dangers of phishing, and never would try to contact their customers with dynamic they can remember , even if only by far , this widespread type of computer fraud .


The third and final group of programs is the so-called collaborative spam . Yet born when the Web 2.0 and social networks were still to come , these programs were based on a concept already very much in fashion today : you create a network of users and each user is asked to report in the browser that you have every received message reason to believe “spam”.

The signals are collected by a central server and used to filter incoming messages in the boxes next to all the users that are part of the anti-spam network . An example with some figures : in a network antispam 10,000 people , let’s say that the same advertising message is sent to 1,000 accounts . The first five people who unload it , report it as spam to the central server , the mail by now ” branded ” , is then discharged from the remaining 995 users, but the anti-spam recognize it as spam and delete the root. Although not perfect , a similar system is ideal because it is the only system that provides a number of false positives close to zero.

The instrument of this type is more prevalent Cloudmark Desktop , and subscription to the service costs about $ 40 a year . Of course, since the approach of ” social ” , the effectiveness of Cloudmark Desktop essentially depends on the number of subscribers and how much they are willing to participate for the good of the whole network . More safety “upstream” We talked about the rules of conduct for spam. We talked about programs to be installed on your PC. Missing one final category of solutions to the spam problem , more and more popular in recent times: the filters applied “upstream” , directly on the mail server .

Once as a member in the office, whose e-mail accounts were protected by software installed on the network , now the spam filters are also available for many e-mail accounts (or web address) for free. The most striking case is that of Gmail : the ” casellona ” Google mail , in addition to being the first to offer users a storage space of more than 1 Gb ( we are currently at 7 GB , but it is bound to change ) he also performed immediately a very strong anti-spam engine . Many people consider the Gmail inbox ideal to make public , on forums and the like, virtually all advertising are recognized before arriving in the Inbox folder , and moved into the Junk Mail folder .

To top it off with a few “false positives” , and with the ability to mark a conversation as spam in the inbox (or vice versa). Even Gmail is the ultimate solution , but it is the system of receiving e-mail that delivers the best results to date against spam. Consider also the fact that you can ask Google to manage, in the same way Gmail , even corporate mail accounts (although many believe it is not “professional ” to communicate with customers and suppliers via a free mail account ) , so to be protected by the powerful spam filters even the most delicate correspondence .

The item ” disposable” Do you want to subscribe to a web service , but this requires an absolutely your e- mail address to send a confirmation message ? No problem, if it is a trusted site , but if it is a service that interests you, but it does not seem to offer real guarantees of confidentiality , you can take advantage of one of the disposable email services available around the Net Here’s how to create one .


When we speak of ” temporary addresses ” , we mean e-mail with a time limit , which can be as little as a few minutes. So before you create one, position yourself already on the page where you were prompted to enter your e- mail address ( for example, here on WordPress ) , not to waste the time for which the address ” disposable ” will be available .
disposable e-mail
The creation of a temporary e-mail address is the most simple imaginable : just connect, for example, the Web site . The address is automatically created ( see it on display in the center of the screen) and free, and is immediately able to send and receive mail, but for no longer than 10 minutes
Ready? Go! What is your “new” e-mail , and wait for the confirmation email with the necessary information to complete the registration . At the end of this operation , you can close the browser as if nothing had happened in the space of a few minutes the e -mail will no longer exist .

If the procedure proves to be a bit ‘ longer than expected , 10 minutes may not be enough . Do not worry: the service provides for the possibility of extending the duration of the address disposable to bring the countdown to 10 minutes of departure.
The Top Five hoaxes by e-mail The mechanism of spam (as well as that of phishing and that of the transmission of viruses via e-mail ) is based on large numbers : “If I send a million messages , five or six people who I find them fall . ” But sometimes it is hard to crederlo.Tra phishing messages translated so ridiculous advertisements of products unlikely to say the least , and invitations to the limit of the plausible , the question arises : but really, is there anyone who falls for it ? Here’s our Top 5 ” e-mail scams that nobody should ever be able to believe .” And who instead believe in many … ( in English) ” Click here to see your colleague Johanna taken with the web cam .”

You’re in Italy , you have no fellow named Johanna , nor is there a particular reason why someone should write something like this in English. “Get a degree at our institution , claiming an interview of half an hour and paying $ 500 in taxes.” Attractive prospect . Especially when , according to notes written in small , with white lettering on a white background, the degree is valid in Antarctica and on all the Comoros Islands . ”

Definition of Spam

The package that our courier had to deliver you is stopped at the post office . Can you give us your credit card number ? ” . A good example of a logical sequence , no doubt about it . “Increase your manhood by reading our book.” Already it is difficult to believe that you can fix something with salves , ointments and pills , but become a kind of porn actor reading a pamphlet of 20 pages , maybe it’s just too much for even the most optimistic. ” I am the director of a bank (usually African , Ed) , and I have to move $ 25 million to an account in Europe. I need someone to help me , so I chose her: for the trouble I’ll leave 40% of the figure . ” To paraphrase : ” I am the director of a bank. I have to move a monstrous figure , even for a bank manager .

Among all my circle of acquaintances in the world of banking , financial and political the only person I can trust is a perfect stranger , chosen at random , who lives thousands of miles away from me. I only need its generality and its data bank . ” Credible , no? Yet we have fallen in many …

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