Features and Installing a UPS

We have seen how to protect a computer from the Electricity now we move to ‘ Installation .


How to properly install a UPS

Once purchased, the UPS must be placed close to the power line and the equipment to be protected, in places free of moisture, dust and smoke. It is best to leave at least a few inches of distance between the UPS and any other object, to allow for ventilation. You should also avoid placing the UPS accessories , or obstruct the air vents with paper or cables.

We must also remember that some UPS, before they are installed , they must be loaded without being connected to any device . To do this, simply insert the mains plug into an outlet and leave them in charge according to the manufacturer’s instructions . Usually it is necessary to load them at least a dozen hours. Before connecting the equipment is not good that the UPS is charged and disconnected from the power line.


The actual installation of the UPS is in two steps.

Protect your computer from the mains via a UPSThe first is that it breaks up the power cords from the equipment to be protected and , in their place , fit the cables that connect the outlet of the equipment to the UPS. Once connected equipment , then you have to plug the UPS into the wall socket .
Some UPS also have an external connection to communicate with the computer that they are protecting . Before turning on any equipment , including UPS, it is good to make this connection in order to control the UPS via the computer.

At this point the installation is complete and you can turn the UPS and all the protected equipment . Computer-controlled UPS that use the connection with your computer are sold with a cable and a control program . With this system you can control various aspects of this accessory in every detail .
Some monitoring programs is limited to checking that the UPS is running, and that there are no blackouts.
Others are much more comprehensive and allow, for example , to check the state of charge of the batteries, the power quality of the network or even automatically send e-mail messages or network messages in the event of a power outage .

These programs are often very different, but they all have similar features and are quite simple to use. Although it may initially seem unnecessary , you should either install them because practically everyone is able to take action automatically when the UPS batteries are ending their office to automatically save the data to work , close all programs and shut down your computer . Thanks to this software , so you can leave your computer on , perhaps with some programs running, without having to worry in the event of sudden power failure .

How do you damage a computer

Due to a bad power supply, a computer is likely to be damaged almost every day. The absolute majority of the damage to computers (80%) derives from electrical problems, problems that a good UPS could easily solve. Contrary to what you might think, most of the damage is caused by brownouts, ie by sudden voltage dips, short enough to be felt but not enough to spoil the process of writing to the disk or to reject the correct power to the memory RAM. In most cases, whatever the cause, electrical disturbances are limited to cause the loss of data contained in the RAM. But there is the possibility that these disorders can ruin the hard drive, processor or motherboard.


Calculation to decide which UPS to buy

To decide which UPS to buy , you need to calculate the power of the equipment that we want to protect . In this way we will know what power the UPS will deliver and not risk buying it too powerful, spending much . To calculate the required power we have to add the power of all equipment to be connected , these values are marked on the plates which are usually placed under or behind the unit .

It may happen that the power value is not expressed in volt-ampere (VA ) but in watts (W ) . In this case we will have to convert the value from Watts to VA, dividing by 0.7 . For example, if you want to protect a normal computer ( 200W) with 15-inch monitor of the traditional type ( 100W ) and an ink jet printer ( 42VA ) , we add the measures expressed in watts ( 300W total ) , divide by 0 , 7 ( approximately 429 VA) and then add them to those expressed in VA (total 471 VA) . Sometimes , instead of the power , the current consumption is indicated , using the unit of measurement of the ampere ( A) . To convert amps to VA simply multiply the value for the nominal voltage of our power line (230 volts). For example, a printer which consumes 0.4 A will have a power of about 92 VA .

The sum of all the powers represents the peak of maximum absorption , and therefore it is possible to use a UPS whose power can be lower than this value even 20-30%. With a total capacity of about 470 VA , you can use UPS with a minimum power of 330 VA .


The following is a table of typical power consumption of different appliances.

  • PC without monitor 150 to 250 VA
  • Color Monitor 15 “LCD 50 to 80 VA
  • Color Monitor 17 “LCD from 60 to 120 VA
  • Color Monitor 19-21 “from 100 to 200 VA
  • Ink jet printer 20 to 50 VA
  • Laser Printer A4 from 600 to 1300 VA
  • Modem 10 to 30 VA
  • Network hub with 8 ports 20 to 50 VA
  • Fax thermal paper from 50 to 100 VA
  • Plain Paper Fax 100 to 500 VA
  • Scanners from 40 to 80 VA

How to properly use a UPS

  1. When choosing a UPS, do not be swayed by abbreviations , unfamiliar terms or statements duration of the electric charge . The only measure that really matters is the power measured in VA .
  2. Prefer the solution that provides the maximum degree of safety for the same power .
  3. Once you buy a UPS, do not hurry to use it. You have to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the first charge . Will increase the useful life of the UPS.
  4. Place the UPS according to the manufacturer’s instructions , and do not ever put it in damp or with too much dust . Preferably should not be placed too close to sensitive devices to electric fields , such as monitors or speakers audio .
  5. Be very careful in installing the UPS. If you previously loaded , the back of the jacks could give an electric shock hazard.
  6. As soon as the power fails, start to close programs and save documents . The UPS battery has a limited life .
  7. Periodically, you need to turn off the UPS and check that the power cables are not damaged. Clean only when the UPS is switched off, and with a cloth slightly moistened with water, without using harsh products and not drop any liquid inside.
  8. Do not open the UPS and do not change the layout of any external switches , unless there are specific instructions in the user manual , or have not been given directions by a qualified technician .
  9. Most manufacturers recommend that you do a test run generally every three months, so as to maximize the useful life of the batteries. Just unplug the UPS from the mains and allow the battery is consumed until the end of autonomy, then reconnect the UPS to start charging.
  10. If not used for a certain period , it is better to put into operation the UPS at least once a month or more frequently , according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Select a UPS

As we have seen, is only seemingly easy task, and to this must be added the fact that the market is not always possible to find the model chosen; shops often have very few models. The most popular models cost around 100 Euros and do not offer very high protection. In contrast, however, require little maintenance and is sufficient to protect a normal computer. Let’s see some low-end models.


Must powermust 1060 Line Interactive UPS 1000VA/600WMust UPS Powermust

costs about 69 € and offers a power of 1000 VA, enough to power a computer with continuity and a 17-inch monitor . As in most of the UPS in this range , the circuits that provide power to the computer are not completely isolated and , therefore , some electrical noise may reach the PC .


  • Auto restart while AC is recovering
  • Off mode charging
  • Visual and audible alarm system
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Cold start on battery


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Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) from 600 VA Compact and reliable , equipped with battery backup and 2 sockets protected against power surges Keeps your PC’s operation 600VA UPS TRUSTeven in case of power outages to let you save important data and avoid damaged hardware
It costs about 60 euro and its power is 600 VA . This allows you to connect a computer with a slightly more powerful than the average on the monitor and any small
accessories. Inside there is also a filter for the modem, which allows you to protect against power surges that may be caused by the telephone connection.
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APC Back -UPS 350 , 230VAPC Back-UPS 350

The protection offered by the PCA Back-UPS CS 350 VA is excellent, thanks to a series of filters. The power of 350 VA makes it useful for protecting a computer medium power and a 17-inch monitor . The autonomy time at full load , in case of absence of mains supply , is of little less than five minutes . Unlike most of the UPS, this model allows connection and control by computer , using not only the serial ports but also USB . The replacement of the batteries can be carried out directly by the user , reducing the time required for maintenance operations to be carried out every two years. Cost of the 100 €
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For the most demandingTo meet more complex needs , you must contact UPS cost much higher , but that offer professional features and advanced security systems . Let us consider three mid-range models .


APC Power- Saving Back -UPS Pro 900 , 230V

APC Power-Saving Back-UPS

allows the connection of a computer more powerful than the average and a 21-inch monitor and a printer . Has a system of automatic adjustment of the tension and

able to offer a range at full load of approximately 5 minutes. Compared to low-end models , in addition to higher protection systems , this UPS has a system of automatic control of the conditions of the batteries , which avoids the use of the product in the case where the batteries were damaged : in this case it is possible to replace refills without even turn off the UPS before an electrical power failure and the failure to intervene UPS may lose data or damage your computer. Maximizes useful battery life by widening the input voltage window or tightening the output voltage regulation . The product costs 290 Euro .
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A power of 1100 VA , including the features :

  • LCD Display
  • Electronic circuit voltage stabilization AVR
  • Battery Hot Swap
  • Output sockets Surge protected
  • Reduced weight and dimensions
  • low noise
  • easy installation
  • UPS Software Management techno (WINDOWS , Mac OS X , UNIX , LINUX , etc.).
  • Protection Telephone / modem line RJ11/RJ45


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