How to extract Files

In circulation there are many formats of compressed archives, though the most used are absolutely zip and rar.

Sometimes it can happen that you download a file from the network that has an unknown extension and compatible programs installed on your PC. After performing the due research on the net to find information, discover that it is a rather unusual format of a compressed file. In this case you need to have a software that allows you to open a large range of archives in RAR and ZIP file formatcompressed archives.

Bandizip is a simple software designed to be compatible with most of archive formats used on the network, such as ZIP, 7Z, RAR, ALZ, EGG, TAR, BH, LZH, GZ, BZ2, ISO, CAB, WIM, XZ, ARJ.

A very useful feature included in this interesting free program is the ability to create self-extracting archives , so if you have not installed any software on your pc of compression, are the same able to open it to access the content. Another very important feature is the splitting of large files into multiple stores , so as to be easier to manage in many operations such as sending attachments in email or sharing online.

To download the software click here . The installation is very light and as an alternative you can use the portable version so as to use the program by running it from the pen drive. BandZip interface is designed to allow access to all features without any difficulty, in contrast to some very popular programs available on the net.

To remove a file or to create a compressed file, you can easily use the context menuaccessible by right mouse button, instead of going through the control panel.

Also interesting is the built-in tool that checks for errors in the archives, with results very reliable.

BandZip is an excellent free alternative to WinZip , even if it differs from the latter mainly to only allow the creation of files in zip . Despite this small shortcoming, in my opinion negligible given the high level of compatibility in the opposite process of decompression and extreme ease of use, the software proves to be convenient and practical suitable for anyone.

In many respects, BandZip could be compared to or IZArc PeaZip, which has many similar characteristics.

In the latest versions, BandZip also supports Asian characters and is available in several languages ​​including Italian, English, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, German, Polish and French.

The workspace allows you to drag your files in drag-and-drop and special thanks to the algorithm used, be able to extract large archives in a very short time.

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