External cleaning of your computer Cyber ​​Clean

What sense does it have a clean computer “inside” but dirt out ? If registry keys, unnecessary and junk files are placed , the time has come to use products to remove dust and dirt accumulated on the use and over time , on a PC, keyboard and mouse. And it’s not just a matter of aesthetics …

Surely the 99 % of you , after you have used the Dressing wash your hands thoroughly. Most likely, though , you do not make too many scruples to switch from the PC keyboard to a snack, without going to a bar of soap .

Yet , according to research conducted by the team of Professor Charles P. Gerba , University of Arizona , telephones, keyboards and mice are generally much more dirty the toilet .cleaning of your computer

Unbelievable but true . This study determined that the average bacterial load per square inch on the seat of a toilet is 49 , that of a mouse is 1.676 , while a clean computer keyboard won a nice 3,295 . The primacy of dirt but it is on the phone, with 25,127 ” people ” per square inch, between bacteria and microbes. ppure , even today, the majority of Italians who own a PC is careful not to clean it regularly .

External cleaning of your computer

The causes of many parasites and enemies of hygiene nested in a keyboard or a mouse? First of all , the food : many have a habit of munching on something while they write , play or work , with its fall of crumbs and debris. Then the makeup and creams : they stick to the keys and become a real glue for dirt . Then bits of the body that constantly leave their homeland for a gap between the keys : hair , hair , dandruff, dead skin cells , sweat , grease …

Pretty disgusting , no doubt about it .

Problem culture Yet it would be enough to use a specific detergent , or even one of the many ready-made kits that are now found in many stores …

So what?

To hear Riccardo Bologna , Italy TX administrator , a company that imports and distributes in Italy from Switzerland the Cyber ​​Clean cleaning product , there is a particular problem of information: ” An analysis conducted in Germany has shown that 60% consumer is willing to buy cleaning products , but only once they are known . The issue is also linked to the historical periods . Currently alarms on pandemics have sensitized the pubblico.computer clean detergent specifically for PC
The fact remains that , in the home user market , is already a success if the keyboard is cleaned once every six months. Unlike the speech in offices , where community life and promiscuity can help spread a culture of more clean.




External cleaning of your computer
Clean , which means hygiene , but also aesthetics . ” If the base there were no more serious motives , should be enough view of a monitor full of stains and fingerprints , a mouse and a keyboard blackened from use, with the dust in sight, to convince even the most reluctant to give a beautiful polished to a computer. But because ( here’s our catchphrase ) you do not perform this simple cleaning regularly , but maybe when you are so anxious to dusting furniture and cabinets , and polish the floors ? It is still in Bologna on to explain that this lack of market products , it lacks the brand , it lacks innovation.



External cleaning of your computer

” A proper marketing can make all the difference . All the more so in times of crisis , people are less willing to change the household equipment and tends to make them last longer . ” And it just blows through marketing and exhibitors island , brightly colored , that Cyber ​​Clean , a sort of rubber insert in the spaces to remove the hidden dirt ( see box on page 70) , has jumped on the already 100,000 pieces per month (50% for the car ) , with sales too have interesting evolutionary rates . The reluctance of the average user is partly exacerbated by the lack of assortment that is observed in the distribution .

The main sales channel , with a market share close to 90 % , is represented by the so-called ” mass distribution “, ie surfaces with self-service specialized in consumer electronics, or hypermarkets and shopping malls. In these “temples” of modern commerce offering articles for cleaning your computer is very small and , at best, does not exceed the space dedicated meter, with a couple of brands of cleaners for LCD monitors, one of cleaning wipes , a couple of cans of compressed air : too little to attract attention. It must be said that the ” no brand” , ie the generic products are virtually absent , while the most common names are Fellowes – Leonardi , Philips, Hama, Cyber ​​Clean , Allsop , Monster , G & BL . In fact, the client demonstrates the need for a relevant name , as it is wary of generic products that fear might ruin the PC. It is said that everyone has a point …
answersAs part of the survey, was monitored for 30 days on a single keyboard randomly chosen in a typical London office . After a month , the keyboard had accumulated approximately 2 grams of ” material.” 56% was made up of bits of dry bakery products (biscuits and the like), 15% corn flakes from snacks, 7 % of Asian type of pasta ( ” noodles ” ), 4 % fiber of vegetables, 1 % leaves , 1% badges from welder , 1 % residue of pencil temperate , following ” insects ” and ” hair ” … on the basis of the material found in the keypad reference has been estimated that computer users accumulated every British era year about 320 tons of garbage into their keyboard .