eScan Total Security

MicroWorld is an Indian company specializing in security software . From the ‘ beginning of the nineties develops solutions for business ( antivirus, antispam , and firewall) , but only now decided to make the “jump ” in the world of home PCs , offering a traditional security suite based on the technology already developed for ‘ business environment. The result is e-Scan Internet Security Suite , a program interface spartan, and with an approach that betrays the origins of “professional” .
For example, as soon as you install the suite, is automatically activated only antivirus protection (checking e-mail and shield in real time) , while they are off the firewall, anti-spam , content control and privacy . It is a choice that lets the user maximum freedom in deciding how to protect your PC (just like a network administrator) , and that can be more or less acceptable depending on the experience you have in the security field . As part of an inexperienced user it is a disadvantage : it is no coincidence that the competing products move in the opposite direction, proposing solutions to ” install and forget ” . e-Scan Internet Security Suite , however, is clearly dedicated users a bit ‘ more experienced and curious, who want to have control over what happens inside the computer.

eScan Total Security

The program is very picky in providing log in TXT format on its activity : keeps track of updates made ​​, download files , Web pages and blocked all activity by the antivirus . Also in this case it is data that can be of interest for security enthusiasts able , however , to interpret them in the most correct way : for strictly practical their utility is significantly limited . The overall protection provided is excellent. You are offered the possibility to control even USB drives attached temporarily to the PC , allowing them to access the system only after the user has typed a matching password : The mechanism thus prevents the unauthorized removal of data from the PC.

The main software modules are the ones that you would expect from a suite of Internet Security : antivirus are located next to a two-way firewall , anti-spam and a series of applications to prevent malware downloads from Web sites Even the latter component is closely related to the configuration of a password for administration of the program .

The strengths of e-Scan Internet Security Suite are certainly its lightness ( the lower the impact on hardware resources makes it advisable for older PCs ) , transparency in the updates and scan speed . Despite this , like many other products on the market today , it remains a step back from the immediate and more modern solutions

such as Norton Internet Security. However, the lower price of e-Scan ( what is indicated on the license for two PCs ) and the good quality of the product are aspects that we would like to emphasize.

eScan Total Security

is the ultimate solution to ensure total security for Windows ® systems .

The use of computer systems, both at home and at work has changed dramatically in recent years. Users spend more and more time online, and through the Internet are informed , have fun , keep in touch with friends and family, save files and documents. Consequently, cyber attacks have changed their scope , are now persistent, sophisticated , in order to collect information about us and our activities . In this scenario it has become essential to protect their systems from a large number of attacks more and more advanced .

eScan Total Security with Cloud Security is the modern answer to the dangers of computer today and tomorrow. The product detects viruses, spyware , adware, keyloggers , rootkits , botnets , spam and phishing , stopping hackers and data theft .

These new and sophisticated technologies that it uses : eScan Security Network , Advanced Virus Control , MWL Technology , DIRC Technology , technology NILP , eScan Security Network and sophisticated heuristic algorithms to stop the threats of tomorrow today .


  • Advanced Parental control Parental control advancedThe Parental Control eScan offers a sophisticated protection for children and teenagers , allowing complete control over the child online . It provides accurate web filters , providing different profiles , which help to block inappropriate content. It also includes a virtual keyboard that protects against keyloggers in the case of restricted access to websites and online banks .
  • Easy and intuitive user interface easy and intuitive user interface eScan Anti-Virus Security for Mac has been optimized to increase performance and ease of use . The user interface has been designed to be versatile and powerful under the guidance of an experienced user , but also easy and intuitive for the common user .
  • Protects your important files and folders and protects confidential files and folders valuable and confidential eScan provides security features files and folders, which allows the user to specify the paths to files or directories to be protected from editing, and writing. The main advantage is to avoid editing files in the work of malware , but the files and folders are also protected from accidental deletion. This helps to protect your programs and data.
  • The best protection against security threats without compromising the speed of the system the best protection against security threats without compromising the speed of the system
  • The new on-demand scanner eScan integrates a whitelist -based technology that allows faster control and minimal use of system resources . This ensures that the computer is not slowed down even while eScan scans the system .
  • Function Fullscreen Fullscreen Function eScan detects when the user uses the screen to see a movie, play a game or run a slide show. When you enable full screen display , eScan blocks the view of the notifications, giving the user an undisturbed use of the system.
  • Control and automatic downloading of critical updates from the Microsoft website and Control ® automatically download critical updates from the Microsoft ® Web site eScan checks and automatically downloads critical updates for Windows ® operating systems from Microsoft ® Web site . In this way prevents malware from exploiting vulnerabilities in operating systems users.
  • Complete protection against attacks on the Network Complete protection against attacks on the Network eScan includes a set of predefined access control rules that you can customize according to your needs . The firewall has been enhanced for seamless integration with your operating system. In addition , it includes the Network Traffic Monitor that monitors the network traffic in and out , while also providing users with the ability to block executable files from the network, thereby preventing the spread of infections within networks .


System Requirements for install eScan Total Security

Operating System: Windows ® 8 Family, Family Windows ® 7, Windows Vista ® Family, Family Windows ® XP Service Pack 2 or higher, Windows ® 2000 Professional Service Pack 4 Rollup 1 patch
CPU Windows 8 requires 1 GHz, Windows 7 requires 1 GHz Windows Vista requires 1 GHz, Windows XP requires 450 MHz (1 GHz recommended)
Memory: Windows 8 requires 1 GB, Windows 7 requires 1 GB, Windows Vista requires 1 GB, Windows XP requires 512 MB ​​(1GB recommended)

Company Profile

MicroWorld develops solutions for Information Security against threats that endanger the security of systems and information. The range of products includes eScan and MailScan, which offer solutions for Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Content Security, Anti-Spam and Anti Intrusion. The company is based in the United States and offices around the world.

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