Enlarge Images Without Losing Quality

To read the title will seem an operation to the extent possible. However, rest assured that this can be done without the help of any magical power or strange supernatural abilities.

Many professional photo-editing tools enable to be able to “enlarge” small images without losing the quality, or at least, getting a result more than decent compared to a conventional crude attempt with Paint or Photoshop.

Do not worry, I’m not about to explain a complicated professional program which could take months to learn all the basics, but rather an open-source software designed precisely for that segment of users who want to increase the size of small images without losing large gaps quality .

The program in question is called SmillaEnlarger and can be downloaded for free at this link. Its structure is made with a series of algorithms and different directions that allow operations to be able to eliminate those that are the typical defects of the images “extended”, being able to thus preserve a good quality.

SmillEnlanger is also quite simple, the following guidelines are more a review that a true and proper guidance, but it is also true that the record may help those of you just consider expert in using these software applications.

The program is divided into two parts: on the left shows the original photo while on the right you will have the result of your operation. Under both images are a bit ‘tools you can use manually to get the best result, continuously viewing the preview of the results you’re getting by clicking on the Preview button.

E ‘useless to dwell specifically on every aspect since it is something that you can easily do eye and stop when you are satisfied.

To upload the photo to edit you’ll just go on “Browse” and select the path where the image is stored. SmillEnlanger does not require installation and can be used immediately as soon scompatterete the archive downloaded from the official website.