Energy saving settings in Windows Vista

Starting from scratch If your computer is particularly dated or difficult to be updated, the most practical solution to save energy could be … replace it with a new one. In this case , you can set their own choices since beginning in the direction of a more eco-friendly . The first thing to keep in mind is that a notebook, from a point of view of energy use , is much more efficient than a desktop computer.

Many models , to equal computing power developed , arrive to consume just one-fifth of the equivalent system table. Obviously, there are pros and cons. The notebook , in particular , has limitations and expandability configurability that for many people are still unacceptable .

And also in terms of pure performance , most of the machines on the market suffer from serious limitations , especially in the graphics ; although in more recent models the use of technology as SLI (Scalable Link Interface) technology has enabled around the obstacle , by mounting two parallel boards Graphics to be activated according to need . Also, to load notebooks there are problems of ergonomics and, needless to deny it, of costs: the handset typically costs a lot more of a desktop equivalent . So if you are not kind to the notebook, the first alternative is a sensible miniProfile . The machines belonging to this category , inaugurated by Apple with its Mac mini, are contained in the chassis of the small size and components derived from the use of laptops.


Space restrictions that prevent the mount large heatsinks, have forced producers to adopt CPU on these machines with high efficiency, that depending on the models ranging from the most powerful Core 2 Duo to cheapest VIA C7 and the like. In fact, then the category includes machines also very different performance, but all characterized from energy consumption low enough (even less than 40 W ) to allow the continued use 24 to 24 hours a limited cost. If then the computing power is not a critical factor, the machines belonging to the category of equity are the ideal candidates for the role of computer frugal .

Energy saving settings in Windows Vista

Power Options in Windows Vista Energy

Energy saving settingsAccording to statistics, only 10% of users have activated onto your computer ‘s power management system , allowing you to reduce power consumption in a meaningful way. If you are already in Windows XP there was a panel dedicated to power management of the PC, in Vista it has been expanded and has various possibilities for intervention. Here’s how to set up the PC to consume as little as possible .   icon windows vista energy saving option

Power Options in Windows Vista Enter the control panel and select the Power Options icon .

Screen will appear allowing you to choose the behavior of the computer , selecting among the three possible . What interests us here is the second, ” Energy Saving ” . Window Vista Power Option notaUna Once you select the energy saving plan , you can click on the ” Edit Settings Combination “, located just below . On the screen , we can change the two main parameters that contribute to energy saving: the stand-by time of the monitor, and the one after which the computer goes into hibernation (sleep )

On the same screen there , just below , a further option : “Change advanced power settings ” . Clicking on it opens another panel that lets you act in a specific way on a number of parameters: time to shut down the hard disk after the operation in power saving of Access , the load on the processor shutdown selective interfaces USB . Among the parameters that can make the biggest savings , those relating to the state of “suspension” that govern how quickly the PC goes into “sleep” , and those relating to the timed switch off the monitor and hard disks .

Savings in Windows Vista

From this screen, these parameters can be adjusted individually in a more ” fine” . Power option in Windows Vista Once reprogrammed, the parameters of interest to you , please remember to select “apply” to make them operational , going out, then simply click on “Save changes ” to ensure that your PC , from that moment on, work in optimized mode for the energy savings.