Email messages with IncrediMail

Give a touch of whimsy to your email, thanks to IncrediMail . IncrediMail is a program for managing e-mail that is rich in animations, colors , sounds, and dozens of other fun features and eye-catching . This step by step tutorial will show you how to download the program from the Internet , install it and import the address book and any old messages in your mail program .
IncrediMail is an email client
Display Picture feature lets you assign a personal picture to your email Connect to the site and click on the green button “Click Here ! ” , Located in the upper section of the page . Proceed on your computer to save the installation file ” Incredimail_install.exe ” , about 10 Mb . At the end of the download process , double-click on the file you just downloaded.The installation procedure is divided into two distinct sections : the first is to download the most substantial part of IncrediMail ( is therefore required an active connection ) while the second deals with installing the software inside your system .

At the end of the installation process , you will be greeted by the dialog “Install IncrediMail ,” which will collect information necessary for the proper functioning of the program. The first screen that requires personal information , such as age and geographical origin : make your choice and , after deciding whether to obtain any updated IncrediMail , click the Next button . Later you will be asked for information about your email account , such as POP3 and SMTP addresses : If your connection is still active , IncrediMail is able to automatically derive these parameters from the address specified email address .
When you open IncrediMail , an information window will be displayed in order to illustrate its main features. A good idea might be to import from

Outlook Express ( or any other email program ) e- mails and any contacts in the phonebook . To this end , position the Import button in the File menu, and click the Messages menu or Contacts if you wish , respectively , the import IncrediMail emails or address book information . After that, select the program from which you wish to import and click the Next button to proceed If you want to send a new e-mail message with IncrediMail , click the ” New Mail ” located in the upper left corner of the window the main program . This opens the ” New Message ” , which contains the main body in which to write the actual text .
On the left side there is the “ Style Box ” , a list of categories from which you can choose to go with the style settings . For example , choosing the category Clouds ( Clouds ) you can opt for one of the backgrounds with images of clouds : with a click of a background , it will be immediately applied to the body of the message. When you are in the process of The IncrediMail 2 Address Book lets you create contact groupsentering addresses for the recipients of your message , enter only the first letter of the name ( or address ) . IncrediMail will automatically list all of the contacts in the address book that have a name (or address) that begins with that character .
At this point , click inside the main area of the window to enter the text of your e- mail address. Click on the smilies button to access a wide range of animations with which to enrich and enliven the contents of your message. When ready, click the Submit button to proceed with the forwarding of the message. If you want to check for new messages in your inbox , click the Send / Receive button , located in the central section of the main window of IncrediMail .
If you have an account that allows you to read your e -mail in a Web browser , click the Advanced button ( next to Send / Receive ) . In this way , you will see the dialog ” Advanced Access account ” which allows you to view ( no download ) messages that are not present in the folder ” Inbox” , but which are present on the server ( new messages , therefore ) . Unfortunately , you can not operate in any way to these messages ( requires the purchase of the Premium version of the program) but you will be able to read such e-mail waiting to be downloaded on your computer, before actually doing so .

Click the Notifier , the main screen of IncrediMail to set the frequency of checks for new e- mail: you can also select which animation to play when new messages arrive .
 IncrediMail 2 now downloads Within the dialog box “Select Notifier ” , click on the examples listed on the left to check for small preview on the right. If you can not locate the notifier for you , put a check mark next to the item “Use the notifier random arrival of a new message.” You can also decide the frequency of inspections and possible to play a sound when new messages. If you want to further enrich IncrediMail with animated messages , notifications, and sounds, position yourself on the ” IncrediMail Xe Web Site ” in the Help menu , and then click on ” online gallery ” will launch your browser to view the page Web that contains the gallery (you will need an active connection ) .
After a few seconds , you’ll have access to a number of added multimedia ready to be downloaded . Followed as described in the tunnel to make sure that what is downloaded directly transferred within IncrediMail . Also try the ” Gallery Daily ” (accessed the same way as ” online gallery “), a rich collection of multimedia elements , updated daily .

The use of the emoticon animated emoticons in e-mail is now an established fact . Incredimail but offers more: the animated smilies smiling , winking and whatnot. These can be downloaded from the website of the program.
All the features of the program are described in the ‘ article Incredimail