Edit Photos Special Effects

The online service that allows you to edit images there are so many, and for applying special effects, both to create real own photomontages, for printing or sharing online.

These services are certainly more immediate than the common graphics programs, these are in fact much more difficult to use, plus most are also paid.
If we would only change our photos taken while on holiday, maybe to make improvements, or fix some imperfections, and other similar values, not really worth spending a lot of money for the purchase of such programs, forget to lay on our PC.

Thanks to online services all this can be done for free, especially the creation of photomontages.

The service we offer allows you to work with photos that shows our face, with this we can apply the special effects that will transform an ordinary picture into a really hilarious.
The site of which we speak is  Face Bander , and is located at  this address .

With Face Bender we can create hilarious faces, worthy of the legendary Mr. Bean, not coincidentally is the mascot character of the service.
Once we will have to do is load a picture of us, taken from the computer or over the network via direct link.

Once we loaded the picture we can choose one of the effects present in the left menu, and then move the latter image, in order to recreate the desired montage.

At the end we can save the image in JPG format on your computer.