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The old videotapes, however, suffer from many of the signs of the times and in most cases, the quality of the films stored in the house, on this support, is no longer that of a time and it becomes necessary to change the VCR. As a matter of fact, the difficulty of finding VHS movies are always more. In addition, DVDs take up less space and are easier to keep the library or bring a friend.

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The intake of high definition and its cable, you can be easily recognized thanks to the characteristic flat and trapezoidal

These supports, compared to the old videotapes also offer the great advantage of being able to be viewed on a PC, especially a laptop, ideal for example if you face a long train journey. Fortunately, they are now available in DVD digital video recorder can solve these problems without spending esorbitanti.

These devices have the basic features that, from the user point of view, are very similar to those of the traditional VCR. In fact, with a simple button (on some models this button is embossed and easily identifiable, in others a little ‘hidden) you can directly start saving images.

The connection to the TV is via the SCART socket , with the exception of the models in high definition. By choosing to save on DVD and not on the disk, media management is virtually identical to that of VHS cassettes , to the user. Although the dynamics of the basic functions are similar, the advantages offered by the new digital recorders , however, are innumerable, but before we delve worth spending a few words on the concept of high definition. The revolution HDMI The most important change of the audio / video of the new millennium is the advent of high definition , abbreviated ( HDTV stands for High Definition Television) or HDMI ( High Definition Multimedia Interface) , the serial interface that allows you to take advantage of Specifications for high-definition video .

A video of “high” using a quality image and sound significantly higher than that of non-digital television standards prevailing so far and media in general, but in a precise way , a certain level of quality of the TV image . One of the fundamental differences that characterize the HDTV is the use of a ratio of 16:9 between the two sides of the screen unlike traditional 4:03 . The technology HD (High Definition , HD) includes three video formats , which differ in the resolution is to scan the image . The format HR.HDTV (Half resolution High Definition TV) is of 960×540 pixels or a quarter of the real definition of HD , is generally used by television broadcasters for television broadcasts are able to offer a good compromise between resolution and bandwidth required for the signal transfer .

The 720p format , commonly called HD Ready , has a total resolution of 921,600 pixels ( 1.280×720 ) with progressive scan , in practice each transmission cycle is updated throughout the image . In other words , when the image is replaced by a new one , the operation is performed in parts of the screen , but all the points of the display are replaced at the same time . Finally, the 1080i format , commonly called FULL HD , has an overall resolution of 2,073,600 pixels ( 1.920×1.080 ) called interlaced scanning , or for each cycle ( every update of the display) is transmitted on a screen size from each sub- frame only even or odd lines of the image.

Many advantages … Without this small distinction is easy to see how the fact that the new DVRs are compatible with high definition and therefore have a video / audio quality far superior to VHS is a

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great advantage. In other words, with these units , the resolution of the images on the screen can reach a resolution of 1.920×1.080 , quite another thing than 720×576 points used by PAL VHS video recorders . In addition , the new video recorders offer the option to save to disk the program he was watching , at any time, without losing time to look for a support or rewind a tape.

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The hard drive is also able to accommodate even the images from the camera, you can connect via Firewire socket , and the shots captured with your digital camera that you can copy directly from the memory card . Finally, the new generation of products includes innovative features such as travel time or instant replay . We try to understand what these two operations , time shifting means literally slip of time.

This function allows you to stop watching a program, for any unforeseen event , such as a mobile phone or a compelling need , and then resume from the same point (or more) , and then literally glide over time the vision will a minute of the program. In practice, during an important football game , you can pause for a few minutes the live broadcast , for example, to go get something to drink in the fridge, and then resume from where they had stopped , provided that in the meantime the cries of neighbors do not oppose all objectives.
Beware because this function is often called differently by the producers, but in fact carries out the same task. The instant replay , literally ” instant replay ” allows players to revise a sequence of images just appeared on the screen, for example about 30 seconds long , as many times as you want (by pressing a button ) , and then resume watching the point where the ‘ had left .

Finally , most of the models of digital video recorders, and then we tried most of those on the market , has a menu in Italian and also manual ever printed in the Italian language that makes it easy to use and easy to install. The digital video recorders , however, are not free from some problems , usually in fact, contains a real operating system and take a few seconds for the ignition, in particular for the first boot . In addition , compared to VHS tapes , DVD characterized only by the initials RW can be recorded more than once , and this type of support, however, have a high cost of DVD -Rs that are used normally.

On the other hand , the addition of hard disk allows you to record ( DVD quality ) a large number of films and television programs were subsequently canceled without any problem. Usually the models equipped with hard disk has a capacity ranging from 100 to 300 Gb, the average capacity is 250 GB. This space allows you to record hundreds of hours of broadcasts and programs, it is interesting to note that all the models are used to manage the recording quality , the low-quality images take up less disk space, but sometimes it is enough if the program are the registration is not a cult film to keep for a lifetime .Formati CD e DVDCD and DVD formats

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DVD (Digital Versatile Disc). Support for recording data. DVD outwardly are the same as CD-ROM, but, unlike these, can contain much more information on both faces and have two distinct levels. Can different capacities: a DVDA one side and a single layer 4.7GB of data (format 90-minute film in high quality MPEG-2), a DVD on one side and Double Layer 8.5 GB, and so on, until you get to the double-sided dual layer DVD that can hold up to 18 GB.