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A custom drop cap The drop cap is a larger font than the rest of the text, and is the beginning of a paragrafo.Vediamo how it fits, and it runs with OpenOffice Writer. Do you remember the old books of fairy tales, which always began with the formuletta “Once upon a time …”?

logo openofficeWell, if you make a little effort you will remember that the first letter, “C”, was larger than the other: it was the drop cap. An elegant solution, often recommended when writing a story, or even an article giornalistico.Vediamo how it fits and how you customize a drop cap with the program OpenOffice word processor.The initial letter of a paragraph is basically a letter (or a word), the first, highlighted and placed in independently of the text, so much so that is managed as if it were an object to itself, for example an image (as the clip-art.) To insert the drop cap, select the first letter or the first word of the paragraph.

Inserting a Drop Cap in a Openoffice Document


Then open the Format menu and make Paragraph click on the item. In the dialog box that appears (called just “Paragraph”) is necessary first to bring up the Drop Cap tab. Put a check mark next under the heading “Show drop cap”. How big will the drop cap? Just a note in the “Lines”: automatic letter it will occupy the three. As you can see in the figure, it is also possible to make so that all of the first word is written with the style drop cap: just put a check mark next in the “Whole Word”.

You can also use that style for more than one letter, but not the whole word: remove the sign check just put, you increase the value found in the section “Number of characters” Infine, nell’ultima sezione in basso di questa finestra, è possibile determinare lo stile del capolettera. Sceglietene uno mediante il relativo menu a tendina, e guardate il risultato nella finestra di anteprima. Una volta scelte tutte le caratteristiche del vostro capolettera fate clic su “OK”

Editing the Drop Caps character style
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