Download Windows 10 Preview free and legally

If you are passionate about technology you might have heard of the new system from operations of Microsoft called ” Windows 10 “, the arrival of the successor to the revolutionary Windows 8 / 8.1is getting closer.

You may have noticed that I did not mention Windows 9, due to problems with third-party applications that would not be able to correctly identify the version, Microsoft has decided to skip the name and call the new operating system like Windows 10.

This weekend was officially released the first version of Windows 10 Preview, available for operating systems 32-bit and 64-bit , for now the new operating system can be downloaded in 4 different languages, but in the coming weeks should increase choice.windows10

The build 32-bit Windows Preview 10 is approximately 2.9 GB in size, the 64-bit build is 3.8 GB in size, the space required by the operating system is 20 GB .

For both versions, the 32-bit and 64-bit, Microsoft has provided the same product key to use during the installation, when prompted by the operating system, the key is

Windows 10 Product Key Preview: NKJFK-GPHP7-G8C3J-P6JXR-HQRJR

This product key will expire on April 15, 2015 , verosibilmente you can expect that the final build of Windows 10 is available in the middle of 2015.

Let’s see some new features of Windows 10 Preview

Multidevice Windows 10 Preview is the first operating system fully functional on the widest range of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, consoles console, tablet and smartphone.

Start menu expanded ‘s back to the delight of many users of the Windows Start menu, with one click you have quick access to functions and files used more than in the past includes a new customizable space with the applications, programs and sites web bookmarks.

App window size in  the Windows Store apps in this new version opens in the same format of a regular desktop programs with so many opportunities to resize and move in any area of the screen, you can maximize, minimize and close the application quickly with a nJust click.

Improvements in functionality Snap With the new dial layout you can have up to four applications simultaneously displayed side by side on the same screen.

Multiple desktop IE ‘can simply create multiple separate desktops so d have different workspaces for different applications in use, very useful for use in the workplace.


Download Windows 10 Preview:



LanguageLink to download
English 64-bit (x64)

 Download  (3.81 GB)

English 32-bit (x86)

 Download  (2.93 GB)

English (United Kingdom) 64-bit (x64)

 Download  (3.79 GB)

English (United Kingdom) 32-bit (x86)

 Download  (2.94 GB)

To check for versions with other languages, you can visit .

Installing Windows 10 Preview

To install the new Windows 10 Preview application can use the ISO to USB.

ISO to USB is a free and very light which allows you to burn the ISO image file of Windows 10 Preview downloaded from the links above reported directly to a USB drives, these USB drives include USB flash drives, memory cards and other storage devices USB. The program interface is very simple, just select the ISO file you want to burn and the target USB drive, then click ” Burn (Burn) “, so you will have created the USB disk from which you can finally installre the new operating system by following its wizard.

Below you can see a short video presentation of Windows 10 Preview