How to download videos from YouTube?

Have you seen a video that you liked but do not know how to download videos from YouTube?

The answer to your problem is called aTube Catcher is a program that really well done, and it allows you to download video files from Youtube, but also from other online streaming sites like MySpace, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Spike, Yahoo!, Globo, RTVE, etc. .


The program is completely free, (you can choose the language for the installation from which the Tools menu within the program). This program allows us to automatically convert the video you want to download in any format and also allows us to easily set the parameters related to video and audio quality, such as compression level, or even to merge multiple video files into one file . Another feature of this program is the global search that allows us to directly from within the program, or to find individual video search and download, at one time, all the videos related to various YouTube playlist.


How to download videos from YouTube?

youtube_logo_standardOnce you have downloaded and installed the program, just find on YouTube (the procedure is the same for the other websites sharing audio and video) the Share button in the video of our interest and copy the link in question:
Once you have copied the link, we can paste in the URL field of aTube Catcher and, subsequently, in the Output field profile, you can choose the format you want: only audio, video, compressed, etc.:


Screenshots aTube Catcher

Screenshots aTube Catcher

If you do not want to convert it to select the first item No conversion or if you want the AVI file is easily playable on most of portable devices and not (smartphone iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, computer, laptop, mac, console, etc.) . If you want to download only the soundtrack instead select MP3. Before downloading the file choose the save path where the program will download all the files. To do this, click on Browse this in the Save As field and denote the path best suited to us (this step is only required the first time).
At this point, to download videos from YouTube, we can press the Download button at the bottom right and our file will be “ready to use”.

The program also allows you to burn the converted files and even play them.

The program supports all versions of Windows 32 and 64 bit versions from Windows 98 to Windows 7.

 Add aTube Catcher to your software library

Add aTube Catcher to your software library


Now that you know how to download videos from YouTube need to know that, you can figure out how to download videos and free music from YouTube but without installing any program on your computer.


Download videos and music from YouTube free and without install programs

You can download video and / or free music from YouTube, you must know that there is a simple trick that allows you to do this without installing or programs on your computer or extensions, addons or plugins for your browser. All you need to do, after you have chosen your video on YouTube, you add the letters in the URL, and then you can download what you want (and in the format you want).


How to download videos from YouTube for free and without having to install programs?

To download videos from Youtube simply add ss in the URL after the first point and youtube. For example, if the URL of the video is this:

just edit the URL and add SS after the first point and youtube (remember, however, that the trick only works when at the beginning of the URL is http and not https):


At this point, pressing Enter, you will arrive at the following page:

Select Dirpy now (which seems to be the one with less publicity) under Save this video as an MP3 audio file, and the page that opens, click on Record Audio to download music in MP3 format:


If desired, through Dirpy, you can also download videos from YouTube by simply choosing the first quality from the drop-down menu (under Available Video Qualities) and then clicking on Download Video. As before, even in this case there will be no limit on the speed of downloading audio or video files.
Now you know how to download videos from YouTube and music for free and without installing any programs.