Download program to print CD covers

Create labels with a free program. There is an ‘ application available from the manufacturer’s website Create covers cd-dvd App also available for Chrome to install for free. And ‘ possible to create and print address labels, CD covers, DVD and floppy disks , documents, products, business cards and many other small simple solution . In these pages we will see how is it possible to print a label to be inserted into a CD case ( the front and back in one fell swoop) .

Download program to print CD covers

On the home page of Avery ( ) go to Downloads / Software. Or go directly to % 26-Software/Software/ . The installation process is fully automated , then follow the guided path . When finished, you will have to reboot the system. When the program starts , you are asked if you want to start the calibration procedure of printing, however executable afterwards. If you click “Yes”, you will need to select the printer and the characteristics of the foglio.A What is it? Using the calibration sheets (better print is one horizontal and one vertical) , you can set the print area in a precise way . Follow the instructions in the online help ( which opens automatically ) to proceed with the calibration .Download program to print CD covers

To start working , you must create a new project at work. Go to the File menu , and select New. It opens a window that allows you to select a label template prebuilt . Open the Layout pop-up menu and select the ” Labels Media.” Once in the multimedia category labels , you must choose the template to use .

The mouse to select the various items that can be found in the lower section , that of the goods : you will get a preview of the type of label in the pane on the right. Choose the ” Cover for CD / DVD front / back ” , or a corresponding . Click ” OK ” to continue. It opens , at this point , the default template of the label. In the specific case deals with a label sheet. In the case instead you achieved smaller labels (for example, the coasts of the old VHS , for example ) , they would be there more than one on a sheet . In that case, the program would create one at a time, and then print them all in one solution. If there are common elements that appear on all labels , they must be included in the “master ” to select it, click on the appropriate tab located at the bottom left . If each label will be different , do it to directly edit the ‘ ” Label 1 .”

graphics cover

To create additional labels, click the icon that shows a blank sheet of paper . Provide to create the cover . In space you can enter what you want the default , graphically speaking . One idea would be to use an image related to the contents of the CD (the picture of a singer , an image is saved in the photos , and so on ) . So you can use a graphic object placed on your hard disk. Click Insert / Picture . Look for the image between the resources of the computer and import it on the screen. Then arrange on within the label by selecting it and moving it with the mouse. As you can see , the usual handles appear around the image : you can use it to zoom in or zoom out. At this point you can enter text . Click the ” Text ” located on the toolbar on the left of the main screen DesignPro .

Inside the label you will see a field where you can type text . If you want to change the font , font size, text color , put his hands on the parameters that are in the toolbar at the alto.Personalizzate the rest of the covers. Now go to the File menu and select ” Print Preview” . Here you can increase or decrease the zoom, thanks to the drop-down menu located at the top, on the toolbar . If the result suits you , you can proceed to print by clicking on the button at the top sinistra.Se instead want to print from the main window DesignPro , go to File / Print.

Program to print CD and DVD

Create covers for DVDs or CDs of movies, music or video games that you download from the internet is an activity that can be fun for some and boring for others ( like me) who , out of laziness , end up leaving the disks above appiccicandoci a measly sticker or writing with a pen .

Altr requirement can be instead of wanting to distribute their multimedia creations as video or business presentations , dvd packaged well.

For those who are keen to create covers to make it look like the real cd or dvd copied as if they were original , I can recommend an easy , portable and small that does just this by providing an editor to generate images from the standard dimensions of all types boxes of cd or dvd.
I do not know whether it is the best in the genre but it does its job without infamy and without praise and, above all , it’s free and very light .

DVDPrint is software that does not require installation , for Windows, and allows you to create pretty easily cover or covers for CD and DVD or BlueRay for those few who use it .
In opening the software will request a free registration which however can be skipped and ignored.

Create or download CD / DVD covers for music and movies

The operation is a very basic image editor with basic configurations and options but the nice thing is the automatic resizing any image you want to use so that it can then be printed with the exact dimensions for any box.
Among the formats available then there are the caskets , the normal plastic boxes , type the Playstation game , those CDs in cardboard boxes and plastic as well as for VHS tapes .

There is also the option to add effects to the image of the cover, which include the creation of a double cover (if you put two movies on a DVD) , the list of songs or rotate images .

Obviously at the end of the image will be printed and trimmed properly , or if you just want to make something up , you will need to do the printing on card stock or the lamination .

PrintDVD also has a field to search for the covers but refer to the website that is not the best .
To find and download the cover of the original movie , album or video game Cd Covers is a great site that contains a very large database of covers for all kinds of media : film , music CDs , video games and programs for the pc